Spotlight: She's the First

“A girl with an education is unstoppable.”-She’s the First

She’s the First is a non-profit organization founded in 2009. Tammy Tibbets, the founder of She’s the First wanted to encourage people to help girls get educated. Their mission is to get girls across the world to receive the education they deserve. The organization works to provide scholarships to girls in countries with low income.   A lot of problems that prevent girls from completing their schooling is poverty, dangerous routes to school, high costs of higher education, and the emphasis of early marriage. But when girls do receive an education they earn a higher income, less likely to marry at a young age, have fewer children, and help change the community they live in. Their goal is to make sure each girl graduates, and help provide the tools and equipment to make sure she gets there. 

She’s the First helps provide scholarships, mentorships, medical attention, and boarding for the girls. As of today, She’s the First has 805 scholars and counting. Since 2010, She’s the First has been able to provide 2,216 scholarships, helped 180 girls graduate, have 225 campus chapters, and 200 campus alumni. 


Every October, She’s the First hosts their annual fundraiser, #BakeAChange. She’s the Firsts asks those who participate to bake cupcakes and sell them for one dollar. All the proceeds go to benefitting the girls receiving an education. Between October 11-November 1, She’s the First hosts the fundraiser in hopes of raising awareness and funds for girls’ education.

To get involved, donate, or learn more about She’s the First visit their website: