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barbie cast at the london premiere
barbie cast at the london premiere
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Should Influencers Get Invited to Red Carpets?

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Irvine chapter.

The rumble grew viral during the 2024 People’s Choice Awards when Billie Eilish commented concerningly “There’s some Tikokers over there,” pointing to the body-rolling, sponsorship-wielding, green juice-drinking lipsync stars we all know and love. 

Well, maybe not love. 

With all due respect to influencers, many backed Eilish’s remarks saying that creatives work their whole lives to be recognized at these showcases, so for mukbangers and reacting channels to get invited based on their follower count rubbed many the wrong way. 

This hate was furthered when people realized influencers attend these events to make videos that guarantee high views. And so they create content that gets views, regardless of the poised environment they’re in. An example is TikToker Harry Daniels who picked the mind of Barbie star America Ferrera, asking her the one question facing our generation, nay the world, right now: “Gay Son or Thot Daughter?” Unfortunately, this came off as immature for the Oscar nominee, thus keeping influencer hate alive and well. 

Honestly, I don’t disagree, but for every influencer trying to make a meme of these red carpets, another is using the platform to share their original personality in these seemingly dignified parties. Take Amelia Dimoldenberg and how she brought the awkward comedy of Chicken Shop Date to celebrities. No one will forget her viral flirty interaction with Andrew Garfield in 2023 and I absolutely need more future Amelia-Andrew content to delude over.

Recess Therapy, a kids-advice channel, is another great example as they capture celebrities cutely answering the questions of doe-eyed toddlers. 

We also can’t forget Emma Chamberlain’s hosting of various Met Galas, a well-deserved position not only because of her grounded nature, but as well as the couture look she’s serving it in. 

It’s influencers like these that use their talent to show a side of celebrities viewers wouldn’t normally get to see with traditional journalists or reporters. Through these content creators, we can even see a piece of ourselves: our humor, our trends, our slang all in interaction with our favorite icons.

All in all, most influencers are at red carpet events to get views, endorse, and get celebrity treatment while doing it, but amongst them are those who create quality content that glimpses celebrities’ quirkiness and personalities, and helps us enjoy these award shows a bit more. 

Red carpets can be seen as this elite, distinguished gatherings and the glamorous gowns, Michelin-star meals, and adorned awards make it hard to see why not. So, for the influencers that make that experience more light-hearted and relatable to the average viewer at home watching in pajamas, eating ice cream, and gawking at their celebrity crushes, be my guest. 

I think I’ll unravel the carpet myself if I can get more Amelia-Andrew content. 

Ah, a girl can dream. 

Hazel Jolly Kurien is a writer for Her Campus at the University of California, Irvine, currently in her first year of studying Psychology (B.S). As an international student from India and previously living in places like Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, London, and Azerbaijan, Hazel's here to introduce her multicultural taste to her online readers. Her love for storytelling is rooted in moving around ever since she was a child, seeing how literature manifests itself differently in varying cultures. The only thing common was the grip it had on audiences – whether it was in Malay, Arabic, or Russian, the affectionate relationship between an author and their audiences was universal. That's why, as a confused, nervous college student herself, she wants to write for people alike to hopefully figure out college together. In Hazel's free time, she's always overspending on non-essential clothes shopping and aesthetic cafes, with hopes to study, but realistically taking Instagram photos with a chocolate dessert. Her dreams include travelling to Europe to try even more chocolate desserts, and of course, continuing her love for writing – which is why she's getting her start at Her Campus. So, whether it's Bollywood or Brownie recipes, Hazel will be writing on anything and everything!