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Hazel Jolly Kurien

UC Irvine '27

Hazel Jolly Kurien is a writer for Her Campus at the University of California, Irvine, currently in her first year of studying Psychology (B.S).

As an international student from India and previously living in places like Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, London, and Azerbaijan, Hazel's here to introduce her multicultural taste to her online readers. Her love for storytelling is rooted in moving around ever since she was a child, seeing how literature manifests itself differently in varying cultures. The only thing common was the grip it had on audiences – whether it was in Malay, Arabic, or Russian, the affectionate relationship between an author and their audiences was universal. That's why, as a confused, nervous college student herself, she wants to write for people alike to hopefully figure out college together.

In Hazel's free time, she's always overspending on non-essential clothes shopping and aesthetic cafes, with hopes to study, but realistically taking Instagram photos with a chocolate dessert. Her dreams include travelling to Europe to try even more chocolate desserts, and of course, continuing her love for writing – which is why she's getting her start at Her Campus.

So, whether it's Bollywood or Brownie recipes, Hazel will be writing on anything and everything!