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Even If You Can’t Dance Go to This Dance Class

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Irvine chapter.

I went to a heels dance class! Yes, that is something I can now say and to be honest I’m proud I even went. I’m an incredibly clumsy, self conscious, lanky, weird dancer. I don’t do it often and when I do I need at least a few drinks in me before I start to not feel like a giraffe anymore. So to go to this heels class and push my comfort zone was insane, but I learned a lot of valuable things about myself in the process.

One of those things was that it’s possible for me to feel empowered while dancing. Normally I feel really awkward and self conscious. I’m constantly worried I look weird and what I’m doing doesn’t look right, but in the heels class it was a different story. In heels I was given choreography and at first it was really nerve wracking, but at least someone else was coming up with the moves this time. I went in telling myself that I would try my best to let go, enjoy it and learn the moves. So after freaking out and trying my hardest to look as smooth and sexy as the instructor, I started to let go a little. It was when the teacher said “don’t worry about what you look like, when we were kids we never worried about what we looked like we just had fun, so just have fun!” that I really felt comfortable at last. That comfortable feeling turned into power within two run throughs. I felt feminine and strong, yet delicate and, more than anything, I felt like I had power over my body. 

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Kristen Bryant / Her Campus

This power came from no longer being self conscious. The heels, the sensuous moves, the giant mirrors in front of me and the amazing women around me led to a confidence I normally don’t have. What was amazing was that all these women hype up each and every dancer. Even if they aren’t getting all the moves, it’s fine because they’re putting it all out there to try. So I felt this fuel to just go for the moves in a way I never would have been able to do before. This empowerment is addicting; it gets in your head and really makes you think “wow anything I put confidence in is possible” and you know it’s kind of true. 

I’m not saying heels are a magic power and you can now do anything, but the confidence you can gain from it can carry over into normal life. I came out of that dance studio really feeling like I could accomplish the things I wanted and problems surprisingly seemed clearer. I could walk through my next few days feeling like I was going forward with a new knowledge of myself. I think this is a lesson in pushing our own boundaries. I never would have taken a dance class because I know it makes me so uncomfortable, but I did it anyways and told myself I could do it. So some advice from this seasoned, heels class veteran: find your a heels class. If you’re scared of something because it’s going to make you a bit uncomfortable, do something that’s outside that comfort zone. You might find out that there’s confidence that can come from that insecurity! 

Jenna Morehouse

UC Irvine '20

Jenna is a third year Film and Media Studies major at UCI, she enjoys plants, Sci if movies, and photography! Follow her on Instagram @jene.vie.ve