5 Tips to Fight Your Common Cold

After muscling through six weeks of midterm exams, quizzes and research papers, only a select few remain with a decent GPA and a slight pulse. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. Instead, you will find me drifting around campus with watering eyes, a zombie-like stare, hacking up mucus, and breathing through a single nostril. How delightful. However, the battle isn't over. If you find yourself in the same situation, know that we’re going to overcome this common cold together. Here are five tips to overcome a common cold and its dreadful symptoms.

1. Stay Hydrated

Your mama was right! Stay hydrated and drink hot water or tea, especially if you find yourself coughing up god-knows-what. Add a bit of lemon, mint and honey to awaken your senses and soothe your throat.

2. Get More Rest


Try to get more rest throughout the day. If you find yourself staying up until 2:00 a.m. working on a paper due the next morning, try to get more rest the following night or take a nap between your classes. If you don’t have the luxury of going home in the middle of the day, try the first floor of Langson Library. They have comfy couches suitable for a short nap. 

3. Use Essential Oils

I recently discovered the power of essential oils and aroma therapy. To relax, try rubbing a few drops of lavender oil or lemon oil on your wrists and taking a few deep breaths. Not only will it brighten your mood, but it'll put your mind at mind at ease and take the stressors away.https://bit.ly/2PjT2IG

4. Take Daily Vitamins

Although this may not help you get over a cold, taking daily vitamins and supplements does boost your overall health so that you’re less likely to get sick in the future. 

5. Use a Humidifier or Vaporizer

Keeping the air moist can help you treat nasal congestion and sinus pressure. However, if you don’t have a humidifier on hand, a hot shower will do.