5 Easy Things You Can Do For A Healthier Lifestyle In Quarantine

With all the extra time lying around my house, not an hour passes by where I don’t think about how I should be working on improving myself. I personally know the massive amount of willpower it takes to just step outside my front door, but these several tricks are so easy that neither you or I could muster up an excuse not to try them.

1. Drink lemon water

Yes, it’s just lemon and water. Ideally, it’s the first thing that enters your system when you wake up before any meals so it can help kick start your metabolic system. But from all the enzymes and detoxing abilities this tasty little drink brings, it can be beneficial to enjoy a glass any time of day. Simply take a fresh lemon, cut off the stem, trim a slice, and add it to your cup of water. You can make things easier by prepping a large pitcher for the rest of the week, or take it day by day.

2. Stretch

We are spending so much of our time in front of screens that we tend to forget our neck isn’t supposed to be bent that way. As you’re reading this, I want you to take a quick break to do a small neck roll: first bringing your right ear to your right shoulder, rolling back to look upwards at the ceiling, and rolling to the left to repeat on the other side. Our necks and backs are probably taking the biggest hit from our poor laptop postures, but don’t forget to stretch your arms and legs as well. There are so many tutorials on YouTube for different levels of flexibility, you are bound to find the video that works best for you!

3. Listen to music

There’s no doubt that music helps us escape from our realities, but finding some new jams to rock out to are truly one of life’s greatest pleasures. Without any notifications or alerts interfering with the experience, music can help us think, reflect, and restart for a moment. If you’re into indie/chill sounds, I highly recommend checking out Clairo and Maggie Rogers, two of my favorite singers. To each their own, but regardless of what your style is, the effects of a good song apply to all.

4. Focus on your space

It could be as small as folding some laundry or reorganizing the pencils on your desk. A clean space can definitely affect your productivity for the day and bring some much needed motivation to get sh*t done. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can consider doing a whole room makeover. By adding plants or putting some of your favorite pictures on your wall, the slightest change can make an astronomical difference. 

5. Go outside

Let me be clear: I am NOT encouraging people to enter crowded spaces or to go against any of the laws set in place. However, what I am insisting on is getting a little vitamin D in your system. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent approximately 75% of this quarantine cooped up indoors. Well, let me tell you that my butt is starting to hurt from sitting so much. It’s time to take a safe walk around your neighborhood. Take a deep breath in and enjoy the sunlight. Perhaps some fresh air is just what you need to re-energize and continue working towards those health goals!