5 Badass Women to Watch on YouTube

Watching YouTube is always a fun thing to do, but do you ever get bored of watching things that are either too similar or funny videos made just for the sake of laughter? Well, there are five Youtubers that you should be following if you are interested in makeup, clothing, and other miscellaneous things.


  1. Jenn Im: She’s a famous Korean-American fashion and beauty vlogger. She started in 2010 and has approximately 2 million subscribers as of last year (2017). Her YouTube channel is ClothesEncounters. I know this sounds like she just vlogs about clothes, but actually most of the clothes she wears is from the thrift store. Cool right? Not only does she vlog about fashion, but she also does tutorials on her all types of makeup, talks about her travels, and recommendations. She recently came out with her clothing line called EggieShop. The cool thing is that she also vlogs about her fiancé. You should check her out if you’re interested.



  1. Kathleen Fuentes: She’s a beauty Youtuber and her channel is Kathleen Lights. She has accumulated over 3.5 million subscribers. Awesome! She does solely makeup tutorials on different looks using high-end and drugstore makeup along with updated reviews of products she’s used. She has partnered with Colourpop Comestics and came out with her own shadows and lipsticks. She now has her own line of nail polish called KL Polish. She is so inspirational. I love every makeup look she wears and she also has videos of her husband doing her makeup.


  1. Cassey Ho: She is an American entrepreneur but she is considered a YouTube rising star nationally and internationally with her fitness videos and her fitness apparel line. Even though most of her videos are exercise videos, her motivation towards gaining that lean and healthy body changes your way of thinking about wanting to be skinny and slim. She also has meal recipes that are perfect recommendations for those who are trying to eat healthy.



  1. Zoe Sugg: She is an English Fashion and beauty vlogger and her YouTube username Zoella. She does a lot of clothing hauls along with makeup reviews, which is great for those who love to have variety of makeup looks. She also created her own beauty products and her channel has around 4.7 million subscribers. Many people tune in each week to keep up with latest fashion trends. Along with these, she also has videos about her day in life which is pretty interesting to watch as she does different things.



  1. Marzia Bisognin: She is an Italian internet vlogger who is known by her channel name, Marzia. She posts videos about beauty, fashion, DIY, books, and movies. She has a variety that she posts and talks about. She also started designing her own clothing. While she has time to do all these things, she also engages in publishing young adult books focused in certain genres. She has about 7.2 million subscribers and she just stands out as someone who gives inspirational to lots of people.


After writing about all these YouTubers, I realized that most of them were related to beauty and it shows my interest in them. I love watching YouTubers experience with different products because it would influence my decisions when I decide to purchase. Not only is beauty my main interest, I also love how they are all diverse. Each unique trait makes them stand out from the rest of the YouTubers.