10 Tips For a Successful Job Interview

With job applications submitted and approved, the next step in the job-seeking process is your interview. This can be a daunting task, but here is a list of 10 job interview tips that will help you destress and leave a lasting impression on your future boss.

1. Update your voicemail greeting.

Remember the voicemail greeting you saved onto your phone five years ago? This is the time to update it. Your employer might call you at a busy hour, so having a clearly recorded, professional voicemail greeting is a great way to show him or her that you are always ready to address anyone professionally.

2. Know your resume inside and out.

Being able to address every bullet point on your resume is a great way to show how prepared you are to discuss your experiences and address any questions. Note specific experiences and qualities that may need further clarification or explanations.

3. Review the job description.

Knowing what is expected on the job site is essential for the success of your job interview. If there are any required skills or tasks that you wish to discuss with your employer, bring it up during your interview.

4. Prepare for common questions.

“Tell me about yourself.” “Why do you want this job?” These are all candidates for any job interview. Have a general idea of how you want to approach these questions, and how you plan to highlight your skills and qualities to meet their standards.

5. Plan out a working schedule.

Your employer ultimately wants to know your work availability if he or she hires you. Having a schedule set up to work is a helpful tool not only for you, but also for your employer.

6. Dress to impress.

Take some time to put a little thought into the look that will make your first impression. Dress comfortably and thoughtfully, especially noting the conditions of the room or building where you will have the interview.

7. Arrive on time.

Getting lost or underestimating the time it takes to arrive at the interview location are common issues that many job applicants encounter. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your interview if the location is new to you, and take 15 minutes to get to know your surroundings.

8. Have confidence in your answers.

Every employer wants to see that you are confident and ready to fill the job position they are offering. Smile and give open answers that prove your qualifications. If you are new to a certain software application or technical skill that is used on the job, be open about it.

9. Ask Questions.

Any job interview is a 2-way street. The employer wants to find the best-fitting employee, and the employee wants to find a supportive employer. A great way to address this issue is to ask questions and learn as much as you can by “interviewing” your employer.

10. Be present and courteous.

Small actions count during any interview, whether it is a firm handshake, eye contact, or a parting “thank you.” Leave a lasting impression and thank your employer for their time and consideration.