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With the school year getting into the swing of things and midterm season upon us, you may have some free time in between classes or tests that you are looking to fill. Here is a list of some of my favorite things to do in between classes at UC Berkeley: 

Study on Memorial Glade or a campus library  

Whenever I need to catch up on work, this is what I usually do between classes. Studying at Memorial Glade or in one of the many libraries on campus (my favorite is Moffitt and the East Asian Library) is a great way to kill some time in between classes and helps you stay productive! 

Grab Food at a Restaurant on Telegraph Avenue 

Telegraph Avenue has a wide variety of restaurants and fast food places to grab lunch in between classes. Some of my favorites are Tacos Sinaloa, Pasta Bene, and Silver Pizzeria.  

Take a Walk in Nature 

Self-care is super important, especially right now during midterm season, so going for a walk around campus is the perfect way to relax in between classes. I enjoy walking around Strawberry Creek since it looks like a small forest in the heart of campus. 

Call your family back home 

This is probably one of the most common ways I spend my breaks in between classes because I know my family misses me a lot. You can either call your family over the phone or even get on a video call with them to show them around campus while you walk to your next class. 

I hope you end up giving these ideas a chance and maybe incorporate them into your new routine!

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Hello! My name is Samantha Herrera and I am currently a Junior English major minoring in Journalism and Creative Writing. In my free time, I love reading, writing, and community service. I love talking about books and reading so if you ever need any book recommendations I'm the person to talk to!
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