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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

In a world where big-name visual media is incredibly accessible, the art of student filmmaking is often overlooked and overshadowed by the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. There’s a unique charm that only exists within the innovative frames of student productions. At UC Berkeley, this talent and passion is fostered within the premier film club on campus: The Cinematic Arts and Production (CAP) Club.

As the most production-driven film club on campus, student filmmaking is taken to the next level at CAP Club. From dynamic directors to imaginative screenwriters to skilled SFX artists, the club values a diverse, collaborative community where storytellers can work together to bring their visions to the screen. And real results are seen, as CAP Club regularly hosts the largest film festivals at UC Berkeley, attracting audiences of over 400 people.

I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the first CAP Club Premiere of the semester on the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 7, as an attendee and as one of the filmmakers. To say that I was blown away by my peers is an understatement. The artful cinematography, unexpected punchlines, and poignant stories were a testament to the dedication and talent that exist within the film community on campus. 

The afternoon began with a sequel to the CAP Club classic, “Wei Anthology,” setting the mood for an unconventional yet striking experience. As the premiere unraveled, the array of short films from different genres led me through a whirlwind of emotions. “All Joe on the Western Schmoe,” a highly anticipated production within the club, raised lighthearted laughter while melancholic productions, like “Ghosted,” induced murmurs of conversation. 

My personal favorite, “Tummy Ache,” was a deeply moving narrative about broken families and supportive sibling relationships. The purposeful editing style and hard-hitting metaphors left me in awe of the crew and cast. I was reminded of the impressive ability of short films to tell such powerful stories in such concise manners. 

The premiere came to a close with cheering applause that echoed throughout the room, evidencing the collective admiration and appreciation for the talent that had been on display. Conversations and congratulations were exchanged as attendees discussed their favorite moments, shared their insights, and celebrated the achievements of CAP Club.

If you’re interested in viewing some amazing student productions, check out the Cinematic Arts and Production Club on YouTube. And look forward to CAP Club’s upcoming film festival in December!

Judy Zhou

UC Berkeley '26

Judy is a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Sustainable Environmental Design and double-minoring in City Planning and Public Policy. She enjoys writing about filmmaking experiences and life events, and she works on the Marketing/Outreach team as well. In her free time, you can find her working on short films, going to concerts and raves, or studying in cafes.