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Taylor Swift Songs for Every Stage of a Relationship

I am no relationship expert. If anything I highly advise people to not take any relationship advice that I give them. Despite not being able to give relationship advice, I can point out a Taylor Swift song for just about any type of romance-related situation. Taylor Swift has many amazing songs that deal with so many aspects of a relationship. Whether it’s dealing with the end of a relationship, falling in love with someone, or being heartbroken over unrequited feelings, there is a song for just about any situation. Whether you are a die hard Swiftie or just in the mood to listen to songs that deal with specific relationship scenarios, you’ve come to the right place.

Focusing on yourself/very much single:

Calling all of my single gals! While the following songs aren’t necessarily about being single, they give off that fun vibe that’s all about celebrating being single. These are the catchy songs that you’ll love to sing as you focus on yourself and not worry about being in a relationship. 

- "22"

- "Look What You Made Me Do"

- "I Did Something Bad"

- "We Are Never Getting Back Together"

- "Shake It Off"

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Crushing on someone:

Having feelings for someone can be fun, nerve-racking, and maybe even sad. Sometimes the feeling may not be reciprocated. These songs are about having feelings for someone but not being in a relationship with them. 

- "Invisible"

- "Teardrops on My Guitar"

- "Hey Stephen"

- "Enchanted"

- "Gorgeous"

Dating someone:

These songs are all about the beginning of a relationship, when everything feels brand new, perfect, and fragile. Much like the beginning of a relationship, these songs are fun and beautiful.    

- "Sparks Fly"

- "Today Was a Fairytale"

- "Endgame"

- "Call It What You Want"

In love with someone and happily in a relationship.

Embrace the fairytale relationship with these songs! 

- "Lover"

- "Mine"

- "Daylight"

- "Paper Rings"

- "You Are in Love"

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Falling out of love with someone:

This is the falling out point of a relationship, where it might hit you that the love that you had for your partner is no longer there. Some of these songs deal with looking at a relationship (or even reminiscing on one) and realizing that the love that was there at the beginning no longer is. 

- "Wonderland"

- "The Way I Loved You"

- "Forever & Always"

- "The Last Time"

- "Red"

Dealing with heartbreak:

If you are looking for some emotional songs that deal with the feeling of yearning for what is no longer there, these are the songs for you. Prepare yourself with some tissues!

- "All Too Well"

- "August"

- "Last Kiss"

- "Haunted"

- "Exile"

Brianna Astorga

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Brianna is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Media Studies and Sociology. She loves binge watching shows on Netflix, reading fantasy novels, and is obsessed with Taylor Swift's latest album.
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