Super Simple Yet Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself

Well, just like that, Spring Break is officially over. Whether you spent your week on the white sand beaches of Cabo or watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix in your bedroom, coming back to Berkeley can be a major adjustment. After a week of relaxation (for most students), going back to the grind of homework, projects, and midterms can be overwhelming -- not to mention, the impending challenge of Dead Week and the dread Finals Week (dun, dun, dun). With just four weeks left of classes, finding motivation to stay productive can prove itself to be a daunting challenge.

Not to worry! I have compiled a list of super simple yet effective ways to preserve one’s self motivation in these final weeks of school!

  • Tune into an inspirational playlist: It may seem counterproductive to blast Spotify, as music is often seen as a distraction. However, blasting some songs that pump you up and get you excited is stimulating and motivational. A playlist of upbeat bops is guaranteed to get you off your butt and moving toward your goals!

  • Start Using a Planner: Having all of your appointments, assignments, and other important information organized into one little book is a surefire way to stay on top of your day-to-day routine.Using a planner to tremendously reduces one’s stress level, allowing you to experience more relaxation and happiness on a daily basis. Say goodbye to frantic runs across campus to avoid being late to something!


  • Take a Nap: Okay, now this one definitely seems counterintuitive. Sleeping makes you more motivated? The answer is YES -- a balanced and healthy sleeping schedule, which includes getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night, makes waking up so much easier and improves your mood. Not being sleep-deprived can make those 8 AM lectures a lot less terrible, and can help you get some motivation to actually go to class!

  • Reduce the daily distractions: When you have easily accessible distractions all around you then it becomes hard to focus, so put your phone down and block most social media sites on your laptop. It is so motivating to spend three hours doing actual homework on your laptop rather than spending it watching cute cat videos on YouTube. Reducing these distractions can make work time so much more productive, which in turn gives you more free time to relax!


  • Remember to be grateful for what you’ve got: When motivation is running low, it’s very easy to take on a pessimistic attitude and focus on the negatives in your life. However, taking a step back and putting things into perspective can truly make you realize just how unimportant that bad grade on a paper or rejection email from a club actually is. Even writing down your blessings in a journal can be helpful, allowing you to turn back to that journal each time you’re feeling low.

  • Exercise: Working out has countless benefits for both your body and mind, including boosted happiness levels, increasing your energy, and better sleep. Just an hour of physical activity, whether its running across campus or lifting weights at the RSF, every couple of days can make all the difference between having a great day!


  • Reward yourself and celebrate your successes (regardless of their size): If you’re looking forward to something, then your motivation tends to go up. Even if you reward yourself with a candy bar or a vacation to Rome, recognizing one’s successes will increase your happiness levels. Did you get an A on that quiz? Then, stop by CREAM and treat yourself with a cookie ice cream sandwich. You deserve it!