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As we head into dead week and finals season, you might be looking for some ways to relax in between studying. Here are self-care activities focused on each of the five senses to try next time exam stress becomes too overwhelming:


Watch a new movie or tv series you have yet to watch or one of your favorite movies. You could also go to one of your favorite places to sightsee or go on a hike that has amazing views.


Listen to songs you find soothing or songs you used to listen to when you were younger. You can also listen to a Spotify playlist with upbeat music to help lift your mood. Another thing you can do is listen to ambient music or calming sounds to help you relax after a long day.


Think back to the smells you may have enjoyed growing up or those that have brought you comfort. For example, if you have always enjoyed the smell of fresh-baked cookies, go to a bakery and buy yourself a cookie or get a scented candle with the scent you love!


Cook your favorite meal when you have time or spend some money going out to your favorite restaurant. If you are looking for something smaller to do, you can buy yourself a treat or even make one of the recipes you have always wanted to try.


Animals provide a huge source of comfort for many people, so try petting a dog or cat to relieve some stress if you can. You could also take a nice nap with your favorite soft blanket in between classes or even wear your favorite shirt that you feel comfortable in.

With these self-care ideas based on your five senses, you can rejuvenate and get ready for the long and tiring weeks that come with finals season!

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