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UC Berkeley Doe Library and Campanile
UC Berkeley Doe Library and Campanile
Photo by Sophie Ward


This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

As my first year at UC Berkeley comes to an end, I’ve really reflected on the beauty of the campus and all the tiny spots that just bring me peace and happiness. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too open to exploring the campus my first semester, but, as spring rolled around, so did my inner love for nature. And so if you’re on the cusp of attending Berkeley, looking for a new study spot, or just want to soak in the campus a little more, here are my personal favorite spots on campus 

Eucalyptus Grove

If there’s one spot on campus that truly feels like walking through nature and a movie combined, it’s Eucalyptus Grove. Located near the Valley Life Sciences Building and Weill Hall, the Grove is like walking through Taylor Swift’s folklore album cover. The large trees and quietness make for the most pleasant moments before heading to class or on the walk back home. Although there’s no real spot to sit and study, I can vouch that a blanket will work just fine! Personally, I love coming to Eucalyptus Grove when I want to get away from the crowded paths on the main side of campus and just want to listen to my music on blast and soak in the smell of nature. It’s a feeling I don’t get a lot on campus but, when I do, it’s like heaven. 

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library 

This is definitely more on the niche side, but if you aren’t an engineering major and want to feel super smart and act like one for a few hours, I recommend the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library. I stumbled upon this beauty my first semester after I couldn’t find my lecture hall and ended up really loving the extremely quiet yet studious vibe of the building. As someone who thought they’d go into civil engineering for a short time in high school, this library still makes me feel like I have that aspiration (I don’t) for four hours when I’m doing homework. In general, to me, the library is the perfect combination of “the grind never stops” and “is this a psych ward,” which is why I love it! 

Bauer Wurster Hall 

The Berkeley stereotype does follow: the architecture building is the ugliest one on campus. And that’s okay because, as an architecture major, I know that it’s ugly on purpose. At least that’s what I tell myself. I don’t go to Bauer a whole ton unless it’s for classes, but every time I have entered, it’s like a jack-in-the-box — the toy, not the food company. It’s bland on the outside but beautiful and interesting on the inside.

Bauer has this almost unfinished look to it, which is what many call ugly, to highlight the inner work we architects actually put into designing buildings and structures. And as someone who wants to become an architect, going into Bauer is like a sign that I’m doing what I love, and that makes up for the extra minutes it takes me to find anywhere in Bauer because I do get lost 97% of the time. So if you’re like me, an aspiring architect or engineer even, I highly recommend Bauer so you can feel sane amongst the insane design choice that is Bauer Wurster Hall. 

These are only three of the many beautifully and insightfully insane places I love on campus. They all bring different feelings out when I’m in them, but they all bring me an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy when I leave them. Although I will say my joy when I leave Eucalyptus Grove is very different than when I leave the Chem Library. So if you need a new study spot, need somewhere to live freely, or just want to take a nap amongst chemical engineers, I highly recommend all three of these.

Monica Luna Miguel

UC Berkeley '27

Monica is a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley, intending to major in Architecture and Political Science and minor in Journalism. She is currently a writer for the Berkeley chapter and enjoys writing about her college and personal experiences. Monica has experience in writing for newspapers and magazines. After graduating she hopes to pursue a masters degree in Architecture. She also hopes to work for an editorial team in some of today's most popular newspapers as well as speak about the politics behind today's world. Coming from the city of Los Angeles she loves going to concerts and listening to music. Monica also has a strong passion for literature and reading all the classics and new up and coming authors. She also has a bit of an obsession with video editing.