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As the semester picks up, all of our stress is probably increasing. There are many activities people recommend to relieve anxiety, but painting and drawing have helped me the most. My arts and crafts background consists of art classes I took in middle school and painting on my own whenever I felt bored. However, with schoolwork and a part-time job, I never had the energy to rediscover my skills and explore my creativity until now. Finally giving myself a much needed break, I made time before going to sleep to create some art!

The first time I started painting again, I played my favorite music and drew photos I had on my phone. I began to experiment by blending two images into one painting. Then, once my creativity started flowing, I decided to customize old sneakers I had. As I painted, I felt the soothing satisfaction that came with the simple movement of making strokes with the paintbrush. Painting has helped me clear my mind and has provided me with a sense of calmness. After that first experience, I have continued painting to achieve this same feeling.

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The entire process of creating art is a great experience, but I must say the best part is when you finish your masterpiece. It is such a rewarding and beautiful feeling. I have only finished painting one of my shoes that I am customizing, but I am already super excited to wear them. The project has inspired me to customize other pieces and redecorate my bedroom walls to make the room more lively. Art has unexpectedly become a fantastic way of relieving my stress and further exploring my artistic talent. I wanted to share this story because it could help many destress and perhaps discover some hidden skills. Even if you are an amateur artist, I definitely recommend carving out some time to unwind and express yourself through art!

Wanda Melendez

UC Berkeley '22

Hello! I am Wanda and my major is media studies and my minor in journalism. I am interested in working in the entertainment industry (music, fashion, film, or television). I enjoy traveling and going to Kpop concerts with my friends in my free time. As well, I like making youtube videos that consist of vlogs, Kpop, and fashion.
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