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When I look through photo albums, I’m amazed and sometimes embarrassed by how I dressed at different times in my life. In these albums, I see different versions of myself and how that manifested into different clothing styles. A style evolution is less about the people around you and more about getting to know yourself because while you may have once liked big patterns on tops, your clothes could look the total opposite as you grow older. A true style evolution is one where your clothes help you fit into each chapter of your life as a vehicle of self-expression.

Life is a progression and sometimes new chapters of your life call for a new outlook. Reinventing your wardrobe can help you move forward. Here are several ways to reinvent your wardrobe:

  1. Visit A New Store

Sometimes when we are coming out of an old chapter of life, we can get stuck in what’s familiar. Not all that is familiar is bad, but the cost of having too much familiarity is that you can get stuck in a cycle. To avoid becoming discontent and stagnant, especially with clothes, I would recommend visiting a new store. With a new store, you can imbue it with who you are now and not who you were before.

  1. Visit Your Local Thrift Store

Though going to a new store is a good option, thrift stores are an equally good route to take, especially if you are trying to save money. Thrift stores are all about repurposing other people’s clothes into your wardrobe. While they require more time because of the sheer magnitude of clothes inside, there are definitely gems to be found. This also helps a shopper branch out because thrift stores are all about the unexpected. Lastly, going to thrift stores can also be a fun activity to do with friends, which can help you enter a new chapter since new chapters are written with new memories and people.

  1. Try Different Combinations of Your Clothes 

Getting new clothes may be the obvious choice in reinventing your wardrobe, but if you want to take a more subtle approach, a simple method to revitalize your wardrobe is to try new combinations. Cycles can break when you change how you act and in the case of clothes, changing how you pair things can make them seem brand new. Creating new combos can trick your brain into thinking that these clothes are new and thus help you move into your new chapter because instead of looking in the mirror and thinking of the past, you’ll be surprised by the new pairings you create. 

Clothes are some of the biggest forms of self-expression. They are also an extension of you because they are able to reflect who you are at each point in your life. So the next time you enter a new chapter of your life, remember to take note of how you feel in your body and clothes because clothes are part of the beauty of self-expression and self-discovery. A new chapter in your life may seem scary but trying on some new clothes or new combinations might give you a new outlook that may pleasantly surprise you. 

Haley Morrill

UC Berkeley '25

Haley is a 1st year at UC Berkeley, who is an intended art or media studies major. She loves to write about the arts, culture, and more! When Haley is not studying, you can find her going to art museums, exploring the Bay Area or making art. She is very excited to join the Her Campus team and is looking forward to the year ahead.
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