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It’s a situation many of us have faced: you drag yourself out of bed in the morning and gaze blearily at your phone, only to realize with a jolt that your 9 am lecture is impending quickly and you have nothing to wear. This is a fairly common feeling, especially at UBC where many have noted that the students tend to look more put together than you would expect upon coming to university.  It’s true that pajamas and sweatpants are a fairly rare sight in UBC classrooms. If you want to have a more laid-back look and enjoy the luxury of not having to care what you look like in class, then awesome! If you’ve got your own signature style and don’t have much trouble figuring out what to wear –rock on! You do you, sistah. For those of us who are looking for clothes to grab whilst rolling out of bed that look conformistly put-together, look no further! Here are some very basic ideas.

Jeans and a cardigan make a foolproof outfit that is classic and also looks put-together.

Since it’s fairly cold most of the school year here at UBC, many students wear boots. Both knee-high and combat boots are in style right now.

Scarves. Need I say more? These are an easy accessory that can make an outfit look more put together.

Finally, to finish yourself off: coats and jackets. It’s definitely handy to have a go-to waterproof coat or jacket as a UBC student when it rains so frequently in Vancouver. If you prefer to have a warm but non-waterproof coat like the stylish pea coat, then ensure you keep an umbrella in your school bag in case of a downpour.

On that note, it can be an unfortunate truth that Vancouver’s sometimes crazy weather dictates your choice of sensible attire. One of the most important elements of getting dressed when you live in Vancouver is checking the weather forecast. I recommend getting an app on your phone if you don’t already have one. Checking the forecast, while it’s not always accurate, is a better method than simply peering outside to check the weather, as it may start out sunny and dry in the morning, and then become grey and rainy by the afternoon. Oh, Vancouver.


Jacqueline Marchioni is a fifth year Honours English major and a Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice minor.
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