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Tilt’s New Feature Makes Sending Money That Much Easier

Say goodbye to that annoying $3 fee at the ATM and the hassle of getting the correct amount of cash together to pay back your friend. With Tilt, the group-funding app out of San Francisco, the annoyance of the ATM and the hassle of correct change becomes obsolete. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, met a Tilt Ambassador around campus, or read HCUBC’s feature story on Tilt last April, don’t fret – Her Campus UBC has the lowdown on this super helpful app right here. To learn more about what Tilt is, and its new feature, HCUBC sat down with Natassia, from Tilt’s PR team, and Nick, from Tilt’s Canada Growth Team, to learn more.

For those unfamiliar, Tilt originated with a primary focus on group-funding. Think of any big event – parties, fundraisers, club trips, buying team t-shirts in bulk – and all the money that goes into these events. Because collecting money for these sorts of large-scale gatherings can be a total struggle, Tilt provides a free and easy way to collect money from your group without having to track everyone down. Not only does Tilt help out with the logistics of big events, like sorority fundraisers or floor events for residence advisors, but it creates, as Nick describes, “social network around money”. Tilt is not only a place to send and receive money, but a way to see that your friends are organizing a party and an opportunity to be part of it!

Although Tilt’s group-funding feature is incredibly useful, Tilt’s creators didn’t just stop there. After noticing that users were flexing Tilt to pay for one-to-one situations, the creators behind Tilt introduced a new 1:1 feature. Now, Tilt can be used in a much more frequent and low-scale type of way. Need to pay a friend back for a coffee, that Domino’s pizza, drinks, or gas on your road trip? With Tilt’s new feature, all you have to do is type in your friend’s name, send a request, and the money goes directly into your friend’s bank account with no added fee. As Jessica emphasizes, it takes “less than 60 seconds to Tilt”.

With its new feature, Tilt is now a place for “small every-day sized transfers” and large-scale events too. Because, as Nick describes, “Tilt has such a wide range of use cases”, Tilt inevitably becomes your “own digital wallet”. Tired of paying fees for e-transfers and ATMs? I would definitely recommend checking out this app so that you can “Tilt it”, HCUBC cuties! 

If this article sparked your interest, check out Tilt on their webiste, take a look at the app, and be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn more. 

Emily Morehead is a fourth-year Honours Political Science major and a Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice minor - and the current co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus UBC! :) She hopes to pursue law in the future and run for office someday. Emily loves taking long hikes up mountains, traveling to new places, and obsessing over cute corgis.
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