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There’s no doubt that Universities are some of the oddest and most unique places you will ever be. Between people struggling with sleep deprivation and exploring their own “look”, there’s no shortage of weird things to see on campus. This week we gathered a few stories about the strangest things to ever grace UBC:

“One time I saw a guy pull a pink blanket and sleep mask from his backpack, set an alarm, place the mask on his face, and have a full-on nap session on a chair in the Arts Department. My first thought was ‘I wish.’”

 – Fellow Sleepy Student

Last year in late November I was walking past the fountain at 8:30 in the morning, only to see that it had frozen over and some guy had set up a camping chair in the middle of it. He was sitting there swaddled in fuzzy blankets and sipping a hot drink out of a thermos with his backpack at his feet, just staring out over Student Union Boulevard.”

 – Jealous Of The Cozy Vibe

“I was at the gym and this big, burly guy with a dark brown beard was on the stair master with his duffel bag on the windowsill beside him. [He was dressed in] all black, except for the bold, cursive, hot pink ‘Fuck You’ on the side [of his bag].”

 – Admiring The Attitude

“The weirdest/scariest thing I’ve ever heard on campus is that one scene of The Exorcism of Emily Rose was filmed in the basement of Totem Rez… Another weird thing is the naked old people I’ve seen at Wreck Beach. Last but not least, black squirrels. I had never seen a black squirrel in my life and I didn’t know that they even existed.”

 – A Whole New Squirrel

I was sitting in the front row of my lecture when suddenly some guy bursts through the doors wearing a white sheet around his shoulders like a cape. He put his hands on his hips and yelled ‘I AM THE MILKMAN’. My friend beside me immediately whips around and yells back, “MILK ME”. Everyone laughed, and the milkman ran out without saying anything. The best thing: my friend didn’t even know the guy.”

 – Mystery Milkman Made My Day

“Unicyclists. I saw a couple lying under a desk in the library once. Not sitting – lying. There was no room and yet…¿”

 -Confused Yet Charmed

Hopefully these stories brought some much needed laughter during a study break. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on campus, HC UBC? 


Photo credits: funny-memes.org, giphy.com


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