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Review: Steven Galloway with magician David Gifford

When you’ve seen a cloth pouch turn into a fully grown chicken before your very eyes, it puts most magic tricks that come after to shame. That isn’t to say there isn’t an appetite for smaller illusions, but for them to really have an impact they need to be done with great skill. David Gifford certainly gave us that, and more!

With interesting readings and some truly twisted takes on illusions, Steven Galloway and David Gifford served up lots of fun at the Chan Centre of Performing Arts. Complimenting the magical evening, Steven Galloway read from his new book, The Confabulist, and Gifford offered the audience a unique brand of entertaining and mystical magic.

The Confabulist uses the life and sudden death of Harry Houdini to weave a magical tale of love and illusion with the story of a man who killed him twice. Interwoven is the first-person account of an everyday man, Martin Strauss, whose fate was tied to the magician’s in unforeseen ways. In between magic tricks by Gifford, sections of the book were read by Steven Galloway himself. I felt that the magic show and the readings complimented each other, sharing the connecting theme of magic and illusion. I, for one, enjoyed the narration; it kept me guessing and constantly wondering about the fine line between reality and illusion.

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No tigers, helicopters or Vegas-style dancers here. David Gifford’s musically-accompanied magic tricks appealed to everyone in the audience, from enthusiastic kids to their skeptical grandparents.

He tore up a newspaper into tiny pieces and restored it whole. He then went on to execute a familiar card trick in an unfamiliar way and wowed the audience by performing tricks with his his trusty sidekicks, Princess Muffin and Rabitco! Gifford often brings up audience members for some of his classically based tricks, and features routines with his own unique, hilarious twist. I liked his clever variations and adaptations, including fresh takes on familiar tricks. I can sum up David Gifford’s Magic in two words: “LOL,” and sometimes, even “ROTFL.”

Princess Muffin in her elements: center stage

At the end of the show, there was a question and answer session followed by Steven Galloway signing books. All in all, the show was thoroughly enjoyable and definitely worth it for the full ticket price. It was a great combination of comedy, magic and illusion. If you hadn’t read the book, the evening might not have been your cup of tea; but the readers of The Confabulist and magic lovers in the audience were rewarded with a great experience!

Akshita (pronounced Ak-she-tha) hails from the beautiful lands of Nairobi, Kenya.Her interests dabble in everything from Astronomy and Social Issues to occasionally writing about herself in the third person.She enjoys photography, travelling and exploring Vancouver!
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