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Meet Our New PR Correspondent!

Reika Nomura, a current staff writer, will be joining the executive UBC Her Campus team in September 2018 as our new PR Correspondent. To get to know her a little better, we asked her a few questions:

Hometown: San Jose, California / Kyoto, Japan

Year: Third

Major: Psychology

Favorite place on campus: The upstairs area of JJ Bean

How you chose your major: I struggled with mental health issues most of my life, and also have met many people who also struggle with mental health issues. Since I was always interested in how the human mind works, I thought I could combine my interest and possibly contribute to finding a way to help those who struggle like I do.

How you chose UBC: A lot of reasons! Mainly because it seemed like a great, diverse environment.

Why you decided to join Her Campus: I love writing!

Current song you can’t stop listening to: “Love sick blues” (Walmart Yodel boy version)

Next place you want to travel to: Bali 

What you’re most looking forward to this Summer: Spending time with my sister

First word that comes to mind when you hear “Vancouver”: Rain

Go-to outfit for class: Jeans (with leggings underneath because it’s so cold), and a cozy sweater

Quote you guide your life by: “It is our choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

TV/literary character you most identify with: Luna Lovegood or Frodo Baggins

Favorite memory at UBC: Meeting the best friends I have ever made.

Samantha is a third year UBC student majoring in Political Science. Samantha loves any kind of tea, drawing, reading, and traveling to new places. Her favourite thing to do is play with animals and write stories. One day, she hopes to have traveled to every continent.
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