Kristen Eng

Aside from her trademark dimples, this week's Campus Cutie always has a positive attitude, puts a ton of effort into extracurriculars, and every time we see her, she's always smiling. Meet Kristen! 

The Basics:

  • Name: Kristen Eng 
  • Year: 4th year 
  • Major: Integrated Sciences – Psychology & Physiology 
  • Hometown: Good ol’ Vancouver, BC
  • Instagram: I actually don’t use instagram…I’m old school like that 

Life & Favourites

  • Favourite travel destination: Anywhere on top of a mountain with a view. But I would never say no to a trip to Hawaii.
  • Favourite food: That’s a hard one. I’ll have to list a few: apples, bubble tea, short ribs.
  • Favourite tunes: Right now? I’d have to say Locked Away by R. City feat. Adam Levine, and Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande. I know it’s a bit early for Christmas songs but in my opinion, Christmas songs are good all year round. Why can’t all songs have the Christmas-type spirit?
  • Favourite quote: “Your presence is my present.” It’s so true. Everyone you meet changes who you are. There is always something to learn.
  • Hidden talent: I have a knack for finding my way back after getting lost in a car. Although getting lost in the first place seems to be a real problem…

UBC & Beyond:

  • Favourite UBC study spot: 4th floor in the Irving library facing the windows that oversee the campus, and Koerner.
  • When I’m not hitting the books, I can most likely be found: Chilling at Ladha with some friends, rolling up the rim at Tim Hortons, biking throughout Vancouver, or hiking some mountain.
  • UBC involvement: VP external of both the UBC Pre-Dental Club and the Integrated Sciences Student Association. I also recently joined the Musicians and Illusionists Association! I now have a few new magic tricks up my sleeve ;)
  • Advice to your first-year self: Stay on campus more! There are so many after-class events, you meet so many new friends and learn so much! Visit office hours, profs can be super helpful! Also, try the spicy chicken wrap from the Delly in the old sub before it is removed from the menu when the Nest Delly opens…
  • Dream job: To practice dentistry around the world. Or winning the lottery and traveling the world works too.


  • Relationship status: Currently single
  • Most attractive quality in a person: Hard to decide… it depends! It could be a sense of humour, quirkiness, their self-drive or independence, or simply their love of life.
  • Most off-putting quality in a person: complaining unnecessarily, or taking things for granted.
  • Celebrity crush: Chris Evans. Captain America. Go watch it. ASAP.