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The Items Everyone Needs to Get Through This Semester (AKA Our Survival Kit)

School is ramping up and it’s hard to make time for yourself amidst midterms, papers, birthday parties, and extended phone calls with your parents, assuring them that you’ve got everything under control. Lucky for us, HerCampus and their wonderful sponsors gifted us the most amazing Survival Kit to help us out with our me-time. With the assistance of some of our favourite animated .gif friends, here are some of the essential items we are loving this fall. #TreatYoSelf

For the foodie:

Sometimes your daily routine needs a bit of pizazz. Our Zing Stevia’s 0 Calorie Sweetener sample packs get you that refreshing splash of sweetness without the weird aftertaste. It’s also amazing in smoothies!

Everyone needs a little bit more Chipotle in their lives. Chipotle’s meals are made without added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colors. Guilt-free burritos are the best kind of burritos. Thanks for our coupons, Chipotle!

For the artist:

When you spend all of your time writing notes and editing papers, it’s important to let your creative side shine. With My Social Canvas, Actually She Can, and She’s The First stickers and postcards, being socially aware is aesthetically pleasing – plus, we’re inspired to do great things at the same time. #winwin

And we can’t forget Martha Stewart’s paint and glitter glue. Unleashing your inner Ke$ha is a must. 

For the involved:

The Clinton Foundation wants to advance and inspire the full participation of girls and women in the 21st century! The #NoCeilings challenge promotes small, meaningful actions that you can work into your daily life. Get more info on their website and get involved today!

For the fashionista:

New York Color City Proof Eyeshadow Primer is waterproof, which is sort of a must for us Vancouver girls. 

Tresemme wants to boost your hair situation with their Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray and Wave Creating Sea Foam. Get in touch with your inner mermaid/Beyoncé. 

For that time of the month:

Diva Cup‘s free cup and info packages were insightful and caused several of us to cross our fingers super hard in the hopes that we would be the luky winners of no longer being plauged by tampons or pads.

Thanks Her Campus National! We LOVE our presents! xoxo HCUBC



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