How To Get Rid Of A Cold: University Version

Disclaimer: I am in no ways a doctor or certified to give health advice. I am just speaking on my own personal experiences and home remedies that helped me get over my cold faster. If you have serious health concerns, please go see a doctor. 

Everyone around me is getting sick and I'm recovering from a cold as well. It's especially difficult to be sick during midterm season. Here are just a few cold remedies that have helped me recover quicker from my cold:

1. Fill up on a lot of warm drinks

I recommend a tea with honey, ginger, or lemon, or all of them together!

2. Stay warm at all times

Scarves, thick sweaters, layering, fuzzy socks, and heat pads! 

3. Fisherman's Friend (not sponsored)

I've tried a lot of different sore throat/cough drops and Fisherman's Friend has been the most effective and made my throat feel less like flames. 

4. Eat hearty meals

You might not feel like eating when you're dealing with a cold, but a healthy, hearty meal makes a difference! 

5. Try to sleep early

I know it's midterm season, but really make an effort to sleep a bit early or get some good naps in. Your body will thank you.

6. Stay positive

Maybe it only works for me, but I found that when I have a positive mindset and is motivated to get better, I often recover at a faster rate.

Stay healthy and take care of yourselves HC UBC!

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