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HC UBC Profile: Caitlin Bromfield

Caitlin is one of my roommates, an exchange student from the UK, and an overall amazing person! Keep reading to learn about her experiences so far in BC and where she wants to travel to next.

Full name: Caitlin Bromfield

Hometown: A town in Gloucestershire, England, called Cheltenham

University: University of Bristol

Major: Chemistry

Year: Third year

HC UBC: What do you like about your major?

CB: It’s an exciting subject! I guess what’s appealing about it is that it has important implications for the world. (Hope that doesn’t sound too cheesy!) Specifically, what I’m doing for my research right now is important for pharmaceuticals.

HC UBC: Why did you choose UBC as your exchange school?

CB: It’s kind of a cringy answer, but it looked so beautiful in the photos! And I’ve heard from other friends that went already, and they said that there’s so much to do and it’s amazing. Also, I haven’t been to North America so I was thinking of either America or Canada.

HC UBC: How do you like your time at UBC so far?

CB: It’s amazing. There’s just so much to do all the time! The fact that there’s a society in UBC just for exchange students is really good and a nice way to meet people. Plus, everyone’s really friendly (we all knew Canadians were friendly though).

HC UBC: Where’s your favourite place to eat on campus?

CB: I really like the basement food court at the Village, it’s so good and so cheap.

HC UBC: What’s your favourite thing you’ve done so far in Canada?

CB: It would either be skiing or a hike we did at Joffre Lake where it was all snowy and icy and the lake was frozen over and it was just amazing! Also, homecoming was so good! There’s not as much spirit and pep back home.

HC UBC: Where would you like to travel next?

CB: Right now it’s New York because I’ve never been there before, but I’d like to travel BC more because I haven’t seen all of it yet. Also, Hawaii looks amazing!

HC UBC: How do you deal with stress from school?

CB: That’s a tough one. I get quite stressed around exam time. My remedy is treating yourself, especially near exam time. Also, make sure you meet up with friends when you’re getting stressed.

HC UBC: What’s your favourite song right now?

CB: Lianne La Havas – Unstoppable

HC UBC: What’s your everyday outfit?

CB: Some mom jeans (probably because I have to wear them for labs), vans, an interesting top (I like spicing up the tops), and hoop earrings! It’s a very Bristol outfit actually.

HC UBC: If you could have dinner with anyone dead or currently living, who would it be and why?

CB: Emma Watson, she’s so cool, a feminist icon and an inspiring person.


Emma is a fourth year student, majoring in Sociology w/ a minor in Environmental Studies. She aspires to be a travel & lifestyle editor and enjoys any drink with mint and lime.
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