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A Guide to Eating at UBC

Bored of going to the same cafe in your residence or the same old restaurant on Broadway? Need a place to take your date out to dinner or the perfect restaurant for a friends day out? Feel like wearing pajamas and having a comforting meal alone in peace? Or do you want to grab food after a workout or homework session? Fortunately, this article can help you with all these food dilemmas. 

Food is something we all love, and food loves us, which is why there is so much of it waiting for us to come enjoy. So, if the lunch hour or dinner date seems more of a task than recreation, fear no more. Just bookmark this page, get out of your dorm, and go eat.

Here is a guide of what to eat on campus: 


The Point Grill

This eatery is at the top of the list for many reasons. With a soothing modern ambience, the restaurant is fit for all days of the year. During summer, the outdoor seating looking over the lush lawn of the Marine Drive residence is a perfect choice, and during colder days, the cozy candle lit and well-illuminated indoor seating is also a great option. The Point Grill has a bar and serves great coffee, which can be custom made. The staff always tries their best to serve you well! The presentation of the food is beautiful, especially the desserts, and the flavours are bombastic as well. The Point Grill may be packed on the weekends, but this restaurant is a great brunch venue for friend-gathering, a romantic low lit dinner with a date, or a quiet solo meal between classes. With reasonable prices and the option to pay with UBC card, this place is a must. So, next time you plan a get together or pass by Marine Drive, hold up and munch on! 

Price range: $11-15

Address: 2205 Lower Mall, Building 4, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4



With both pop and colour, this pizza place is Ponderosa residence’s highlight. Making pizza right in front of you in their large stone oven, Mercante brings Italy to Canada. The pizzas are smeared with authentic marinara and topped with ingredients so fresh they’re sure to make your mouth water. Mercante is a great place to study throughout the day, enjoy great pizza, hang out with friends, and make new memories. In addition, the prosciutto is perfect! 

Price range: $9 – 13

Address: 6488 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6T


Mahoney and Sons  

For the best pub experience at UBC, enjoy the warm, cozy, and classy environment of Mahoney and Sons. This pub is perfect for formal dinners or grabbing a drink with your friends. This classic Irish pub provides comfort in the winter and great outdoor seating for the summer. While the bar is the highlight, the food also steals the show. With a menu that has a variety as big as the UBC campus itself, be sure to try both vegetarian and meat dishes, such as the veggie burger with roasted peppers, goat cheese, and tzatziki. 

Price range: $11 – 30

Address: 5990 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3


Great Dane Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover and are looking to try something new on campus, seek this hidden treasure out and try what some say is “the best coffee on campus”. Great Dane provides great ambience for spending time with friends or relaxing alone after a hectic day in class. To enjoy lovely patio seating or the warmth of the fireplace, make sure to check out the Great Dane! 

Price range: $11 – 20

Address: 6011 Walter Gage Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1


The Boulevard Coffee Roasting

WIFI is free if you’re a student, and if that doesn’t entice you, then you must order the infamous Vietnamese latte or the Capicola and Genoa Salami sandwich. The Boulevard is a well lit, decently fashioned place that is perfect for a quick lunch. Make sure to look out for the roasting machine, which is where the “real coffee” is made!

Price range: $11 – 20

Address: 5970 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3


Peko Peko Sushi

Originally the Honour roll in Old Sub building, this new joint has a modern new look and a great twist on its flavourful sushi. Due to its popularity, the employees are always making new food, so Peko Peko guarantees that you will have plenty of fresh options to chose from. I recommend the tried and tested avocado roll and the yam tempura roll that will fill your stomach and barely harm your pocket – they are under $10 and are delicious every time! Peko Peko also takes UBC Meal Plan, which is an added bonus. 

Price range: under $10

Address: 6133 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1


Pie R Squared

With admittedly limited competition, some argue that Pie R Squared is the best pizza on campus. With an array of dishes from simple margarita to elaborate selections, Pie R Squared is a must. The new location in the Nest has a modern touch and a ton of natural light, which gives it great ambience. Come to Pie R Squared to sit back, relax, order a pizza, and enjoy in food harmony.

Price range: under $5 – 20

Address: 6133 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1


Chef Hung Beef Noodle

The famous Chef Hung Beef Noodle finally opened a joint on campus. If you’re into spicy food and have a liking for noodles they won’t disappoint. When you order your own delicious bowl of spicy goodness, be sure to order the deep fried tofu and the chicken nuggets – both make for great sharing appetizers.

Price range: $11-30

Address: 3313 Shrum Lane, Unit 102 Vancouver, BC V6S 0C8


Dough Girls

If you’re missing home or just want to sit and chow on some delicious comfort food with your girls, head on down to the Dough Girls and let them serve you some love. In Wesbrook Village, this little bakery certainly lives up to its hype. The food looks, sounds, and tastes as good as home. The best part of the experience is the china and cutlery that contribute to the homey ambience. Make sure to try the cheese kale, which is delicious, buttery, crumbly, and of course, very cheesy. The Turkey Pot Pie, vegetarian lasagna, and the espresso are also great options available here. 

Price range: $11-30

Address: 3322 Shrum Lane, Vancouver, BC V6S 0B1

Cafe Perugia

This cafe serves up a great Milano coffee at a decent price, and hosts a variety of tasty food items, such as sandwiches, wraps, lasagna, pasta, and more. The best part about Perugia is the seating options – there are lots of regular tables, a bar-height table, and a cozy couch-bench that you and your girls can sit at. The cafe also has giant windows spanning a whole wall that allows a lot of natural light to pour into the cafe. Perugia is an especially great place to study and read because they often don’t play music. Make sure to grab a veggie Panini at Perugia next time you pass by the Life Sciences building! 

Price range: under  $10

Address: 2350 Health Sciences Mall, Greater Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3


Booster Juice

Are you the health junkie? The fitness freak? If so, Booster Juice is the place for you. Booster Juice opens up early with a staff ready to serve you your daily dose of goodness. They have a huge menu of smoothies, which may make your choice more difficult and confusing, but also the most satisfying since any choice is the best choice. If you haven’t already had it, make sure you add hemp hearts along with your booster, or try adding wheat grass if you’re feeling brave. Booster Juice offers compliments your fruitful smoothie with a range of energetic and healthy options, such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and years and years of looking no older than 22. Make sure to stop by Booster Juice all day long for their love and goodness, and wraps and Paninis that are as healthy as their drinks. If you’re a fitness freak and haven’t joined Gold’s Gym above the shop, just know that you get 10% off at Booster Justice for being a gym member. 

Price range: Health really does not have a price on it, but it’s really cheap here! Less than $10

Address: 2162 Western Pkwy, Ste 106B, Vancouver, BC V6T 1V6


Next time you don’t know where to grab food, just open this page and get all the information you need to feed yourself. Remember – stay hungry – stay foolish!


A freshman at UBC arts.
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