Former HCUBC Staff Writer Isabel Gainza on Life After University

This week, HCUBC sat down with Isabel Gainza, a former contributor for Her Campus UBC, who was kind enough to share with us a little bit about herself, life after university, and advice for us still in our undergrad. Here is what Isabel had to say: 

HCUBC: Where is your hometown?

Isabel: Buenos Aires, Argentina 

HCUBC: What is your favourite movie?

Isabel: The Devil Wears Prada! 

HCUBC: Favourite quote?

Isabel: When all else fails, take a nap.

HCUBC: What was your favourite part about writing with Her Campus?

Isabel: Being able to write about anything and everything. From politics to food!

HCUBC: What did you study at UBC?

Isabel: How to make international friends 500, laundry, cooking, living alone in a different, cold place....I like to call it combined Bachelor of Life degree & Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and commerce.

HCUBC: What was your favourite part about university?

Isabel: The people I met. and the snow.

HCUBC: What was your least favourite part?

Isabel: Stress.

HCUBC: If you could go back to first year and give yourself advice, what would you say?

Isabel: Go to every event possible while living in first year rez. It is the easiest way to make friends and make memories!

HCUBC:What is the best part about graduating?

Isabel: Sleep. Hobbies.

HCUBC:What has been the hardest part about graduating?

Isabel: Learning about free time.

HCUBC: Any advice for current undergrads?

Isabel: Understand the importance of perspective. No matter how big a problem you have right now, remember that if you have reached the bottom, there is only one other way to go...and that is up! Stay positive because "this, too, shall pass".


Thanks for the lovely interview, Isabel. We wish you all the best!