Cringiest Things Ever Said in Lectures

Sometimes people speak up in class when they really should have just stayed quiet, making the rest of us squirm in our seats while silently praying for the end. This week we asked our Her Campus writers to tell us the cringiest things they’ve ever heard in a lecture.  

“A prof I had in first year was talking about dressing appropriately (not sure why) and said, ‘It's not like I just show up to class in ripped jeans, a jean jacket, and sneakers!’ — my friend was literally wearing that exact outfit. Awkward.”

            — Fashion Faux-ward

“There was an excerpt from a story is class and the prof asked what suggests the protagonist is male (since the author hadn’t used any pronouns) and this girl answered ‘well, Anne is the protagonist's wife so he's male’. It made me cringe haaard.”

            — Let’s Ask Ellen About This One

“Some guy was trying to argue with the prof and my prof literally went ‘that's enough, stop talking’

            — Too Cringey for Words 

“Not cringey per se but funny as anything. We were in a seminar discussing the subject of social stresses, and our prof deadass just starts quoting 21 Pilots. He did the whole chorus from Stressed Out and we were all just staring in awe. He looked around and said ’21 Pilots? Isn’t that something the kids are listening to these days?’”

            —Cool With the Kids

“There was a student who got up and started talking about how jazz was a less refined form of music and as such is a reflection of black culture in America… it sounded so bad, and he realized that it sounded awful so he kept talking and trying to change it but all that happened was he ended up sounding more and more racist and the prof finally had to cut him off. He was very PC for the rest of term, but no one forgot that speech.”

            — Digging Your Own Grave, Buddy

“There was the time my anthropology professor was telling us the story of how he single-handedly trekked into the woods for a week while working up north as a twenty-something to track a fully grown moose, kill it, butcher it in the field, build a raft, and float all the meat back down the river to camp. Like, what are you, Rambo?”

            — Channeling Stallone



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