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Create, Share, and “Tilt” UBC!

Tilt has quickly become one of the most exciting buzz words on campuses around Canada and the United States and is currently growing its small, but extremely fast-paced community since it was founded in February 2012. Her Campus UBC linked up with Tilt to talk about the latest opportunities and ways to get involved on campus through Tilt and what the app has in store for students at UBC!

For those of you that don’t know, Tilt is “the easiest way to collect money from your group for free!” Using either the website or the mobile app, Tilt eases the pain of coordinating payments within groups across the board. Tilt is the simplest and most effective platform to raise donations, organize events, or pool money, which makes the process of paying for group activities fun and seamless. By providing an opportunity to turn your ideas into reality, Tilt is the best way for groups and individuals to collect money from friends, for causes and non-profits, or projects and bands, and to get involved in things your group is passionate about.

For Sarah Stockdale, Tilt’s Growth lead for Canada, Tilt is about more than group funding and creating easier ways to interact with money. Tilt is about creativity, social interaction, campus involvement, and community outreach. Based out of San Francisco, Sarah gave us the scoop on what Tilt has in store for UBC. “Whether it’s coordinating a party bus, renting a cottage, splitting bills like rent or utilities, raising funds for philanthropies, or buying a birthday gift, Tilt is the simplest way to collect money with your group for everyday expenses – and it’s free!”, Sarah explains. Tilt began as a start-up company in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley and has found success in the U.S., and has recently expanded into Canada. With a growing 500+ student ambassadors in Canada, Tilt is always looking for new ways to launch on campuses and reach potential new users.

There are a variety of interesting ways to use Tilt and students and communities are continuously finding new ways to utilize the platform. Sarah explained she “heard about Tilt before it launched in Canada and was immediately drawn to the company. Someone once shared a story with me about using Tilt for creating positive change in the community and I immediately knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. A neighborhood in Oakland was experiencing a spike in crime. A young man in Oakland had recently used Tilt to raise funds for a kickball tournament and someone had the idea to start a Tilt to provide private security for their neighborhood. Everyone pitched in and when surrounding neighborhoods in the community saw that it worked, they began using Tilt to do the same.” Tilt certainly stands out as an app that changes the way that we can interact and create change online. 

The philosophy behind Tilt is “create, share, and Tilt”. This mission is based on creating ideas, sharing with audiences, and funding activities in order to bring your ideas to life through an easy and user-friendly platform. It’s a social experience online that spreads the world quickly and effectively without the awkward interaction that money can sometimes entail. In comparison to other group funding platforms, Tilt is largely student based and offers student ambassador programs to students on campus with the goal of student leadership, campus/community involvement, and philanthropic initiatives in mind. “It’s been an amazing experience seeing how quickly Tilt has grown on campuses and we’re excited to see what the expansion to UBC has in store,” says Sarah. From raising money for big events like The Chainsmokers first ever crowd-funded DJ tour, to throwing one of the best Black Light House Party events Western University has ever seen, Tilt brings both big and small ideas to life.

UBC already has 35+ student ambassadors, who understand the potential for growth and experience that Tilt has to offer. Linda Ching, a lead student ambassador for Tilt at UBC, is passionate about the start-up industry and found Tilt while seeking for new ways to get involved in the community. “I’ve always been passionate about marketing and using creative ways to persuade others to get excited about innovative products and ideas,” says Linda, “Everyone at Tilt genuinely wants you to succeed and enjoy your involvement with the program and the company.” Linda has created one of Delta Gamma’s most successful events this year, “Let Them Eat Cake” annual Cream Rose Ball, which sold over 200 tickets and funded around $9,200 through Tilt. “I was able to easily collect the money and keep track of who and when individuals purchased their tickets using the app on my phone,” she says. To her, Tilt provides the perfect opportunity to expand your skills in not only leadership and marketing but also as part of a team full of driven and hard working individuals.

Whether you’re interested in “Tilt-ing” your own charity event, planning the party of the year, or making day-to-day transactions easier, Tilt is the only source for you. We hope you’re as excited as we are to expand Tilt here on campus at UBC as it quickly becomes one of the biggest crowd-funding platforms in the mobile world. Find out more ways to have fun securely and effectively using the website (including the student ambassador program) or the App here, and be sure to check out their InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for more information. 

Born and raised in Vancouver, Rebecca is a young aspiring writer who currently studies at UBC. Follow her on instagram @rkenward
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