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If you live in Vancouver, chances are you love sushi! Whether you’re biting into a crunchy spicy salmon roll or letting an unagi nigiri melt in your mouth, sushi is a constant craving. As students, it’s difficult to reach your go-to Vancouver sushi spot whenever you’re craving a roll. That’s why I made a list of the five best places to get sushi on campus! Excuse me if I missed your fave spot (I tried):

1. Honour Roll

Honour Roll is located on the main floor of the AMS Student Nest. They have a dainty selection of rolls, nigiri, bento boxes, don buri bowls, and have also introduced a hot foods section this term. You can find nice quick meal in between classes, if the line isn’t exhaustingly long! My go-to item: California roll. Their California rolls taste different from your usual Cali rolls because they use real crab instead of imitation crab.

2. Miyamae Sushi

Miyamae Sushi can be found in the University Village basement food court. Miyamae Sushi is my personal on campus sushi go-to. They have a wide selection of food, ranging from rolls, sashimi, tempura, ramen, and much more. My go-to item: I love eating a variety of food during one meal, so I usually go for one of their many bento boxes!

3. One More Sushi

If you’re looking for an actual sit-in restaurant to have a nice meal with some friends, and fulfill your sushi needs, One More Sushi is the place to go. It’s located upstairs of the University marketplace above staples and near Gold’s gym and Starbucks. They have a large menu of Japanese food consisting of appetizers such as tempura and sunomonos.. My go-to item: When I’m feeling fancy, I go for one of their special rolls, like the OMS roll – It has seared salmon with touch of spicy jalapeno.

4. Bento Sushi

Bento Sushi can be found at the David Lam Research Centre (AKA the building beside Sauder with the Timmies). You can find a selection of different rolls, as well as ramen, poke bowls, teriyaki, and other portable dishes. Just like Honour Roll in the nest, Bento Sushi is a nice place to grab your already packaged sushi to eat on the go. My go-to item: I like getting their salmon avocado rolls because they always look really fresh and I try to convince myself that I’m being healthy…

Those were my sushi picks! Now go eat some sushi and catch a break from midterms, HC UBC – you deserve it. 


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Emma is a fourth year student, majoring in Sociology w/ a minor in Environmental Studies. She aspires to be a travel & lifestyle editor and enjoys any drink with mint and lime.
Samantha is a third year UBC student majoring in Political Science. Samantha loves any kind of tea, drawing, reading, and traveling to new places. Her favourite thing to do is play with animals and write stories. One day, she hopes to have traveled to every continent.