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Baking Time at Presentation House Theatre: A Preview with Kim Selody

Baking Time, the Dora and Outstanding TYA Production award winning collaboration between Presentation House Theatre and Oily Cart Theatre, will be running from November 25th to December 11th at Presentation House Theatre in North Vancouver. Kim Selody, the Artistic Director of Presentation House Theatre, is a seasoned director with over 30 years experience and Her Campus UBC recently had the opportunity to talk with him about the upcoming production of Baking Time.

During a trip to England, Oily Cart theatre, which provides high quality interactive and sensory oriented theatre for children, came to Director Kim Selody's attention. When Oily Cart's Tim Webb posed the question, "what if we filled the theatre with the smell of fresh baking?", the inspiration for Baking Time was born. Co-production for the performance began around 2002. 

According to Kim Selody, the biggest change in the production since its introduction to Western Canada has been the addition of live music, the accordion, and the cello, which allows the production to be more “interactive and playful”. Parents will also be able to appreciate the skill and craftsmanship of the live music. Because the show is for 3-7 year olds, it provides a unique set challenges. Kim Selody notes that “children of that age tend to want to engage with the piece”, so Baking Time is interactive and allows for the young audience members to engage. Another challenge for Baking Time was making the show an equally good time for the parents and ensuring “the themes and projects engaged them too”. According to Kim Selody, Baking Time “also provides the unique challenge of a mini catering service, as each show means making bread for around 100 people.”

Kim Selody emphasizes the importance of theatre for children and states that “kids at this age (3 to 7) are like magnets, they pick up everything”. He goes on to explain that at around 3, children are learning how to interact with and to react to other human beings. Theatre can provide a space for that social learning. Theatre also provides a bonding experience for parents and children. Children get to see their parents “enjoying and interacting with the play” and parents also get to see their child “enjoying and learning”. 

For people interested in pursuing a career in the arts, Kim Selody advises that if you have passion, “the key is to have a broader view of how it’s applied”, “be open to how the art form can be used” and “apply art in unique ways” to stand out in an increasingly competitive field.

Baking Time is not just for children and parents. Kim Selody also emphasizes that “it’s good for people who want to be entertained” and usually “get bored in theatre”. Baking Time is a theatre experience for both the young and the young at heart!



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