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Assigning Emojis to Faculties

Business: The Puffer Fish Emoji 


The obvious choice here is one of the many money-themed emojis, but on a deeper level, Sauder is truly symbolized by the puffer fish emoji. Puffer fish, like business, can be amazing or deadly. Do it right, and you will succeed and have a good time. Take a bite of something poisonous and you’ll have a lot of trouble recovering. The pufferfish emoji is not fully puffed. It has potential, but it is also cautious. Stay cautious, stay careful, but always know what you are capable of. Embrace your pufferfish, Sauder.

Arts: The Golf Emoji

The golf emoji (official name: Flag In Hole Emoji) totally describes the Faculty of Arts. This emoji employs the rule of thirds, which is very artsy. It truly symbolizes the life of an arts student. Golf is always made fun of by the other sports. “That’s not a real sport! Where is the athleticism? Where is the body checking?” All Arts students likely know this feeling.

Sciences: The Surfer Emoji 

The surfer emoji captures multiple disciplines that exist within the Sciences faculty. The surfer’s cool hairstyle represents chemistry, as it is no doubt the result of some perfectly created hair gel. The surfer himself represents biology (the surfer is a living being). The water represents marine biology or earth science and whatever other disciplines study the ocean. The surfboard represents physics because there’s balancing involved in surfing. 

Kinesiology: The Family Emoji 

Kin is another word for family, so the family emoji is the clear choice. Also, the Kinesiology faculty seems like a tightknit bunch and they’re known for being good looking, just like the emoji family! Look at that shiny hair!

Forestry: The Decorated Tree Emoji

In all honesty, I’ve never met a member of the Forestry faculty, so I’m just going to assume that they’re nice people who are interested in trees! And so I choose the decorated tree emoji. With trees as your base, you can be stars, forestry. Believe in yourselves.

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