14 Dirty Midterm Season Secrets

The HCUBC TEAM PRESENTS: Some of our dirtiest, most shameful midterm secrets.

Don't judge us - we know you're just as guilty as we are. Oh, and enjoy the gifs.



1. "Ate canned pasta for 3 (long) days."

2. "Wore a toque for a week straight because I didn’t have time to wash my hair."

3. "Set alarms to ring every 5 minutes for 2 hours on both my phone and tablet before the midterm started. I also set my deafening alarm clock to ring somewhere in between all the tunes on my devices. Midterms that start at 8:30a.m should be banned."

4. "Ate peanut butter sandwiches for dinner because real cooking is overrated."

5. "Found photos of attractive celebrities online and turned them into motivational memes for my wallpapers."

6. "Skip class to succeed in class!"

7. "Had a stress induced headache and took 6 tylenols before a midterm...definitely wasn’t stressed anymore..."

8. "Wore the same top and pair of leggings for 3-4 days straight because I was not bothered to pick out what to wear (and it was cold)."

9. "Wore the clothes I slept in to a midterm. And then to bed again. And then to the next midterm. Laundry is for the weak."

10. "One of my papers was extended the night before it was due, so instead of spending more time working on it I watched an entire TV series instead and did the whole paper the night before the new due date."

11. "I like to relieve stress by crying a lot, eating full bowls of popcorn with vegan butter for dinner, and then studying or writing papers until 2:00am with a clearer head and a fibrous belly."


12. "I definitely wore the same pair of sweatpants four days in a row with no shame. My roommate didn’t even notice."

13. "Stayed up until 2am reading fanfiction on my phone because I wanted to read something that weren’t my notes or textbook for once."

14. "During midterms, I convince myself that because I’m studying so much, I deserve all the cookies. So, I’ll go buy a box of cookies and finish that box by the end of the evening."

Thanks for reading (procrastinating from studying?)! And for those who are writing midterms - we believe in you!