Tips to help ALL Campus Cuties have a Successful Semester

Tips to help ALL Campus Cuties have a successful semester 


  1. Plan it out: Get a planner or calendar and put important events in it like: tests/assignments, meetings for student organizations, or home visits. If you aren’t really a :”planner” type of person I recommend just writing events that you have for that particular week on a calendar. This is a lot less overwhelming and stressful for some people.

  2. Study, Study, Study: There are several different views about studying, well in my opinion and from my experiences “all nighters” don’t work. They just make you tired and by the time you get to the test, you don’t remember a thing that you studied. My advice to you is to study ahead of time and in 30-45 minute increments. This helps because a lot of times, your body can’t handle just focusing on ONE topic for long periods of time.

  3. Get involved on campus: A lot of times college students feel as if all they are supposed to do is school, work, home, and repeat. This is not the answer. It is fun getting involved with organizations that interest you because you get to meet new people and do lots of fun things. Getting into different clubs around campus also looks good on a resume;)

  4. Get to know your professors: Talk to your professors. They are just people and if you form a relationship with them, it may be beneficial in the future. They may be able to write that recommendation letter that you need or even offer you a job.

  5. Get Tutoring/ Help: If you notice that you’re not doing so well in one of your classes, get tutoring. Many campuses offer free tutoring services or have organizations that tutor for free. Also, form study groups where you teach each other the material. If you can teach it to someone else, then you know the material, and chances are you will do well on the exam. So seek help because campus cuties have cute grades too.

  6. Get out of your comfort zone: Do things that you would never do: go for that job you don’t think you’re qualified for, talk to people you don’t know, do things that may scare you to even think about (nothing illegal though lol). If you do these things I promise you, you’ll feel so much better about yourself, and this will make your semester better and depending on what you did, it will make a great story to tell the kids.

  7. Take care of yourself:Don’t take your health for granted. Take your vitamins and if you get sick, see a doctor because you can’t be a campus cutie if your sick.

  8. Self Care: Do things that make you happy/feel good. Whether it be binge watching Netflix with your friends, pampering yourself, or even just keeping your mental health in check and seeing a counselor. This is the KEY to a good semester, because if you are a happy person, you can be a more productive person.

  9. Talk to someone: If you feel that you are overwhelmed, most campuses offer free counseling services.You could even talk to friends or family members. Just make sure you are maintaining your mental health, because that is something that people rarely think about.

Let’s all have a successful semester!