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We all come into college with a plan to succeed, which we will, but we also believe that we will be able to juggle every aspect of college life. You have coursework to do, first and foremost. Then, in order to have a decent resume we, as college students, must add extracurricular to our lives. No, we can’t have just be apart of one organization, that’s just too easy. Our employers want to know if we can multitask and prioritize. I have had one job interviewer say that I wasn’t’ involved on campus enough. I didn’t understand as I was stretched thin with the two organizations I was already apart of. So, what are we to do to make sure that our time is spent as efficiently as possible?

  1. Know your goals. If you have a plan for your life, do not get into anything that will hinder you from obtaining the success you seek.

  2. Prioritize! Get yourself a planner, a giant calendar, AND some sticky notes!

  3. It’s so tempting to agree to do everything with everyone, but sometimes, that social life has to be put on hold. If your friends don’t respect your grind, then you need to find different friends.

  4. Make sure you take care of YOU first. No one is going to take care of you like you can take care you.

A young, married woman just pushing her way through college.
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