Self Discovery

Have you questioned one or more aspects of your life? Of course you have. It is within us, as humans, to question any and everything. There comes a time in our lives when our beliefs start to differ from that of our parents and adolescent friend group(s). When that time is upon you, life seems to be extra difficult because we are fighting ourselves on what is real or fake, what is a truth or a lie, what is right or wrong. Once you come to the conclusion, if you come to the conclusion, that you do not want to follow the path that your parents started you on, you must set out on your own journey. You may end up on the same road you were already on, but take a left turn instead of a right turn. That's fine. Who knows, you might just end up in a different city, state, or country and that's okay.  Find yourself. Go exploring. Live your life. As long as you remain a decent human being, do what you want. Just because you went in a different direction, doesn't mean that anyone has the right to judge you or stop loving you. Now, if these things do happen to you, or if they have happened to you, then you must know that they never wanted the real you, just the idea of the "perfect" you that was in their head. That hurts. A LOT. But guess what, there are others like you and people who will accept you as the true you. Yes, you have to get up and find them, but it's more than worth it. Take that journey to find yourself and enjoy the bumpy, curvy, and smooth roads along the way. Sometimes you will love it. Other times you will want to drive off a cliff. (Please don't actually do that. Your life is precious.) Stay respectful and respectable and you shouldn't have too much trouble. Go find yourselves, lovelies!