Prepping For A New Chapter

Jordan JaDella Smith 


Life can be really aggravating at times. You constantly have people in your circle, family members, and even co-workers stressing to you that you do not do enough.


1.) Are you procrastinating? 

Are you choosing to do something else that is more enjoyable? Your procrastination is a sign of laziness that is ultimately leading you to miss out on achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Do not become demotivated because of your unwillingness to act. Commit to your task, rephrase your internal dialogue, and minimize your distractions. Instead of giving your goals and task deadlines, make everything urgent. You do not want unwanted pressure!


2.) Pages versus Chapters

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Break the habit of feeling insecure and discontent with your life. Your life has just as much value as the person you are envious of, or perhaps the person you are inspired by. "Be grateful for the good in your life, and resist any lies that shout "It's not enough." Your path has just as much value.


3.) Magnify your focus

Do not try to take on too many tasks which leads to your work ethic being questioned. Research states that "it is impossible for our brains to focus on two tasks at once-it's actually rapidly switching between them. Instead of channeling our complete focus and energy into one task, we spread it thin, which prevents us from diving deep into any one of our task." Focusing on one task at a time allows you to:

  • Create a more attentional space
  • Think deeper
  • Make more connections
  • Work more creatively
  • Find more meaning in the task
  • Ultimately, do a better job at the task


4.) Treadmill

Do not rush the process, things take time. Things come when we least expect it and we have to prepare ourselves mentally, physically, and financially. Do not place yourself in a miserable situation because you are not patient enough to wait, plan, and prepare. The more forced the process the less genuine and powerful it is.

Sustainability is key: If success is a long-term game, we need to approach our work in a sustainable way. Going full-speed for a few years just won't cut it- we need to maintain a strong pace for 20+ years

Enjoy the ride now: If it's going to take decades to achieve our biggest dreams, we can't wait until we get there to enjoy life. We need to find a way to have fun every day, to appreciate daily progress, and to savor the journey to the top 



5.) You talk way too much!

Keep your next move on hush! Research states that "saying your goal out loud widens the gap between what you intend to do and what you actually do. It disembodies the goal from your actions. By keeping your goals secret, you maintain that sense of urgency and drive to keep moving forward. You feel like there's still a lot of work to be done, and you double down on self-discipline and control."

  • If you have not figured out how you are going to execute your plan, why share your vision when it is not fully developed?
  • Are you ready for outside opinions? If not, realize now that everyone is not going to see the potential that you see.
  • Don't let anyone cheat your win. 
  • Not everyone is going to be on your team. Not everyone wants to see you win.
  •  Let your enthusiasm fuel you on your toughest days.


"Never, never, never give up."
-Winston Churchill