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‘On My Block’ Season 2 is Coming This Month!

The Netflix series On My Block is set to return for season two this month! 

If you haven’t seen the series, it’s considered a dramedy of a group of teenagers living in Freeridge, an inner-city neighborhood. The show follows along as the teens; Monse, Jamal, Ruby, Cesar and Olivia, transition into high school and their friendships are challenged by relationships, conflict and the roughness of their neighborhood. There’s even a little twist in the storyline that follows the mystery of “RollerWorld” and the search for hidden money. 


If you have seen the series, are you excited for season two?! 

The last episode left off with Cesar and Monse finally being upfront with each other, Jamal actually uncovering the RollerWorld money and of course, the big cliff hanger of Ruby and Olivia being caught in the crossfire of Cesar’s attacker, Latrelle. The teaser for the new season was released on the show’s official Twitter and here’s what we see so far. 

From the looks of the trailer, there has been a lot of deaths in the neighborhood. This is likely due to Latrelle’s return and retaliation causing a chain reaction between the two rival gangs. Monse and Cesar are still together and Jamal seems to still be excited about all the money he found but through it all, it appears that they are all getting prepared for a funeral. This isn’t a shock seeing as Ruby and Olivia were both shot in the last episode, but did they both die? Just one? There is a scene inside Ruby’s home where he and Olivia both lived. Ruby’s grandma receives food at the door and brings it into the kitchen. It isn’t uncommon for neighbors, family, and friends to bring food to the home of a grieving family. His mother is shown ironing a white dress shirt, which looks as if it might be for Ruby. Both his mother and grandma pause for a moment to look at a picture of Ruby and Olivia before they shed a few tears. Is it because Ruby died or Olivia? Maybe neither. The two may just be reflecting on the close call they had with the shooting. The teaser then cuts to an overhead shot of Ruby laying down with his eyes closed. At first glance it seems that he might be lying in a casket, but then his eyes pop open. I personally think this scene will actually turn out to be Ruby taking a nap or resting and then waking up. If I had to say someone was killed off I think it’s Olivia. All of the main cast members were shown in the teaser except for her. On the other hand, it may just be a way to keep us all guessing.

For those of you who haven’t put together a theory yet, don’t worry there’s still time. Season two is set to return on March 29!

Maybe this time I won’t watch the entire season in less than 24 hours… ok who am I kidding? Cheers to binge watching! 

Tamia is a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in mass communication with a journalism concentration. She is currently serving as one of her chapter's campus correspondents. 
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