The Most Magical Beauty Product

Honey... Yes, honey!



I like to use a lot of natural products in my skincare regimen, but my favorite by far is honey. It’s perfect in face masks, face scrubs, body scrubs, or any other treatment. Honestly, just lather it all over yourself and you’ll be good to go.


But truly, honey has been a life changing product for me and here’s why:

1)      It’s moisturizing

2)      It’s healing

3)      It’s antibacterial

4)      It’s full of antioxidants

5)      It’s clarifying

6)      Pretty much any other skin issue you can think of… It helps


Honey is an all-natural, extremely accessible and inexpensive product that everyone should incorporate in their beauty routine. Whether you are trying to fight acne, dry, dull skin, or aging, soothe a nasty sunburn, clear your pores, diminish the appearance of acne-scarring, or just get that glow, honey does it all.



My favorite way to use honey is as a face mask. After washing my face, I just scoop some honey out of the jar with clean hands and rub it all over my face. I typically leave it on for 30-45 minutes but you can leave it on as long as you want and just watch it work its magic. Then, rinse it off and go about your routine. Yep, that simple. I got some of my friends to try this method when they were having skin issues, and now I receive snapchats every night of my friends with honey all over their faces. They swear by it.


Honey can also be combined with other skin-saving ingredients. The more the merrier, right? When I’m having a particularly dry skin day, I like to mix my honey with natural aloe vera gel and virgin coconut oil to create the most delicious, moisturizing mask you will ever put on your face. I leave this on for 30 minutes and it leaves my skin silky smooth and radiant.


There are hundreds of other recipes using honey that you can find online or just experiment with what you have and love until you find your perfect pamper routine. I religiously use Manuka honey with added bee venom for extra benefits (couldn’t hurt right? … well, unless you’re allergic to bees), but you can just find pure honey at your local grocery store or in your kitchen already.


If I haven't convinced you yet, just try it. You can thank me later.