To the Ladies who didn't have a Lit Summer

Our typical summer break isn't filled with endless beach trips, parties, vacations or pool days like 90% of the college population is.

You'll see us taking summer classes and working full time to pay the rent and that's OKAY! 

Not everyone can afford to take a summer off from working because uhh.. being financially stable in your early 20s? Yeah come on, that's a joke. Or from taking classes because we want to graduate on time. Working full time in the summer for us means our rent, utilities and tuition is paid for, we have gas in our cars and food to eat. Yes I know that's probably the most boring summer break ever, but again that's OKAY. 


So if you didn't have a "lit" summer that's fine. Everyone's circumstances are different! Some can afford to take vacations on vacations on vacations and some of us, well we can't. Don't let that bring you down or stop you from what you're doing because that's just some of our reality and that's OKAY.