I Tried Aluminum-Free Deodorant & Here Are My Thoughts!

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Lately, I have been trying to make better choices when it comes to health and beauty. After hearing so many things about aluminum in deodorant and the problems it can cause, I decided I would try an aluminum-free deodorant. 

To be clear, we tend to use the word deodorant (a product used to curb body odor) as an overall for the products we use on our underarms; however, the product that contains aluminum is technically an antiperspirant (meant to halt sweating). 

There have been concerns that the aluminum in antiperspirants can be absorbed in the lymph nodes and lead to breast cancer. Some researchers have also tried to link the element to Alzheimer’s Disease. While these two health concerns are a big deal, some argue that the main concern is that aluminum doesn’t allow the body to release toxins as it should. 

Whether you believe the aluminum ties or not is solely up to you, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the products you are using and their ingredients. That is why I picked up a sample of the Native Deodorant.

Native Deodorant is free of aluminum, parabens, and sulfates. It is also cruelty-free! Founded in San Francisco, CA, all of their products are produced in the United States. The deodorant comes in a number of delightful scents, but I opted for Coconut & Vanilla. 

For one, the scent smells amazing! If you are a fan of coconut you will love it. It wasn’t too strong, but I could definitely smell it. The product itself looked almost as if it had some sort of shimmer to it, which was interesting. It applied smooth and honestly not as white as other deodorants or antiperspirants I’ve tried. 

Initially, I was afraid to try it a new product because of a few horror stories I have heard. No one wants to risk being smelly. Nonetheless I applied it and went on about my day. I ran errands, went to grab dinner, and did work around the house all day. 

So did it work?

Yes! I think this deodorant worked just as well as the antiperspirant I normally use. I didn’t feel sweaty or smell bad at all. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a more “health conscious” deodorant option. Of course, my experience may be different from someone else’s. After all, our bodies are all different and react differently to products, but that’s all a part of testing out new products.The only hindering aspect might be the price. One stick costs $12! I think after testing this deodorant I will experiment with other options as well. One of my favorite places to shop is Tj Maxx, and I always see aluminum-free deodorant options there. 

Experimenting with new things might help you find your new staple product. I’m already thinking of the next product I should try!