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I Finished This Netflix Series in Less Than 24 Hours!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UAB chapter.

We’ve all had those days where we just want to be a hermit and not leave our rooms. You might choose to spend your day inside sleeping, reading books, or binge watching a new show. On this particular day, I chose to take the Netflix and chill by myself route. I will admit I’m usually not the person who’s up to date on all the latest Netflix series. In fact, it usually takes a lot for me to start a show because there’s just so many options!

While scrolling through Twitter I came across a retweet from astounding actress Gabrielle Union about “On My Block”, a Netflix show that had just been released. She applauded the show adding that she would highly recommend it. Naturally I expanded the thread and read the opinions of others who had chimed in. My best friend started the series before me and she insisted that it was good. At that point I had no reason not to start the series!

For reference, “On My Block” is a coming of age comedy set in inner city Los Angeles. The story follows the lives of four friends as they enter high school and face a whole new world of hardships. With each character seemingly dealing with their own issues they still find a way to coexist. “On My Block” has a unique take on communities of color and interconnectedness of them. The show has moments of seriousness, sadness, and pure comedy. 

Before I knew it it was going on midnight and I had already made it to episode 6 out of 10. I initially decided to call it a night and leave some for the next few days when I needed a something to watch, but I just couldn’t stop! The next morning I started up again and I was finishing the tear-jerker of a season finale in no time. 

Overall, I would highly recommend “On My Block” to anyone looking for a new show to watch. Just know that you might not be able to step away from your laptop!

Tamia is a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in mass communication with a journalism concentration. She is currently serving as one of her chapter's campus correspondents.