How to Land Your Dream Internship

1. Make sure your resume is ready.

With so many resources on campus, like Career Services and Writing Center, making sure your resume is up to par is easy! Having a great resume will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

2. More, more, more.

Even if one of the internships you apply for doesn’t seem like your idea of the perfect job, applying won’t hurt! You never know, you may have a much better experience when you step out of your comfort zone… And it’s always good to have backups!

3. Know your business casual.

First impressions are crucial. Looking too casual at an interview can make you seem like you don’t care as much about the job as your competitor. When in doubt, drop the casual in business casual.

4. Follow Up.

After your interview, go the extra mile and deliver a thank you card! This simple action shows that you care about the job and appreciate the bosses’ time. Your act of kindness will leave a lasting impression as they make their final decision after the interview process.

5. Give it to [insert higher power here].

You’ve worked your hardest and now it’s time to RELAX; you deserve it!