How to be Your Best Self in 2018

Already slacking on the New Years Resolutions? Changing up your routine is hard and it takes effort, but if you’re anything like me, you want to constantly better yourself. Maybe you’ve given up on your new workout routine or healthy eating habits for the New Year, but if you allow a few themes to guide you this year and take a productive and healthy outlook, the changes will gradually follow. Here are some things you can focus on to be the best version of yourself.


1. Start with Reflection

To know the ways you want to change up your lifestyle, you must understand yourself. Take a step back every now and then to introspectively check in. Reflect on your recent experiences and how you’ve handled various situation over the past year. How did you deal with conflict, emotions, and relationships? Have you drifted from any of your core beliefs? Or maybe you’ve altered a perspective you previously took. Do you like the answers to these questions? Try and identify your positive and negative lifestyle habits, and from there you can tailor your vision for 2018.

2. Find your inspiration

Motivation may come naturally at the beginning of the year, but as life clouds your vision, you’ll need constant reminders of your goals. If you are a visual person, try making a vision board so you can be reminded of the things you want to achieve every day. There are several ways to do this, but essentially, you just create a visual arrangement of different images and words that will inspire you this year. You can also read a book. There are so many self-help books out there, and a lot of them offer really unique perspectives that remind what’s important. Lastly, you could try journaling. Taking a few minutes to make a gratitude entry in the morning once or twice a week will put you in a positive headspace for the day, maximizing productivity.


3. Challenge yourself

The key to growth is challenge. Commit to that new hobby you always wanted to pick up but never had time or learn that new language you thought was too hard. It doesn’t even have to be some huge endeavor. You could simply challenge yourself to talk to someone new. The comfort zone is the enemy of self-betterment.

4. Be fearless

Don’t be afraid of failure. You may try something new and make a lot of mistakes or never really get the hang of it. That’s okay! If you pride yourself in constantly growing, sometime those challenges don’t turn out the way you thought. But don’t get frustrated. Even if you don’t realize it, you still learned something from the new experience, and it has shaped your life perspective and future actions in some way. So be bold. Be spontaneous. Take initiative in your life and do not hold yourself back.


5. Don’t forget mental health

While you want to be productive and challenge yourself, be careful not to overwork yourself. When you are feeling stressed out, take breaks and let yourself relax. Maybe a new hobby you picked up will become a new stress reliever for you. Yes, you want to focus on your goals, but this is your life. Have fun! Do the things you love. They remind you of who you are.

6. Self love

Remember that you have a purpose. The desire to grow is a very open-minded and admirable quality, but don’t go into your journey wanting to change every little thing about yourself. The goal is to be your best SELF, and self is key here. So be positive and know that you are beautiful, and you are doing your best. Don’t beat yourself up over the little things or pretend to be something you’re not. Accept who you are and own it. The most important part of being the best you is to love yourself, only then can you truly flourish to your fullest potential.