A Guide to a Sleep Revolution

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The time has come. Summer is here, and we can bask in the glory of not setting an alarm for the next day and sleeping in (at least for a day). But in order to get the best sleep, it’s going take more than just closing your eyes.


Dress comfortably.

Shoot for something that’s breathable and loose fit. Nothing makes you feel more like you have your life together like having fresh new pajamas to sleep the night away. Pair your new pajamas with Soxxy, fashionable socks that both increase circulation and decrease swelling. They are perfect for the end of a long day.


Unwind with a good book.

Put down your cell phone and do something to relax. The Sleep Revolution, written by the Editor in Chief of the Huffington Post Ariana Huffington, reveals the negative effects of sleep deprivation and its ability to get in the way of our work and personal lives.


Set the scene.

The Fresh Life Candle gives off a citrus, fresh scent to relax your senses. Don’t forget to blow it out before dozing off to the Rohm Portable Sound Machine. If you need background noise to sleep, you’re all set with this cool device.


Track your sleep.

What better way to know how to improve your sleep than by looking at your sleep patterns. How? The Sleep Shephard Blue is the first sleep tracker that helps you sleep by monitoring brainwave activity and acting as a natural sleep aid.


Wake up naturally.

Sense’s smart alarm analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you up at the best time. This gadget helps you determine the best time and environment for sleeping. You can even look back on your night and see what time you fell asleep, the exact time of noise disturbances, and more.