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Don’t Panic: It’s Exam Week at UAB!

Brace yourselves, people. It’s test week.

Most students on UAB's campus have at least two tests this week, or are getting results back from their tests last week. If we’re being honest, the grades might not be all that pretty... but this is no reason to worry! It’s only the first one and we’ve still got 3 months of the semester left. That’s plenty of time for your grades to bounce back and for you to be at the grade-standing you want in a class. When you really think about it, the first month of the semester is always the most hectic. We’re all trying to get accustomed to the new semester with an entirely new schedule, new teachers, and just trying to get our lives together. Try referencing one of our articles on mastering the new semester such as How to be your best self in 2018, Stressed Out? Try This!, Re-Motivating Yourself After a Break, and many more! Also, if you didn’t do so hot on your first test, take this as a learning experience. Take this L with pride and rise above. Get some rest, study more than you did last time before the test, and really and truly it’s all about being organized. Here at HC UAB, we all are college students and completely understand the struggle that you all are going through. So, know that you are not alone. We will all triumph this semester together!

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