6 Tips to Survive As A Commuter

Let’s be real, commuting to and from university is an experience to say the least, but here are 6 tips to help you survive the life of a commuter student.

1. STOP leaving so late

Lets be real, no one wants to go to an 8am lecture, but your past, more optimistic self signed up for it and the day has come. Morning traffic is brutal, but it’s not so bad when you leave with plenty of time and a nice iced coffee in hand. And while this may seem like an obvious tip, the amount of times I have left late for no reason other than I just didn’t feel like going is abundant. It’s a lot nicer to get to campus at 7:30am for an 8am lecture than 7:55am, trust me on that.

2. Bring everything you need

Besides the obvious supplies for class, and the 30 wires you always carry around regularly, here are the things I usually have in my car just in case. I usually have an umbrella, a jacket, and a blanket in my car. There was one year where it snowed in Alabama, and no one was ready at all. People had to sleep in classrooms at the university and other really random places, so I like to keep a jacket and blanket in my car just in case.

3. Use the time between class wisely

While the time between classes may seem like a perfect time to watch Netflix or take a nap, getting some work done before you’re heading home is so helpful and satisfying. Plus, then when you get home, you can have some time for yourself instead of rushing to complete assignments you probably should’ve done days ago.

4. Have a routine when it comes to filling up your car

Get gas when you need gas because it’s very stressful when you leave late and look at your tank to see a glowing “E”. What’s worked for me is simply filling my car up every Friday. That way, come Monday morning, I know I will be ready to go. My freshman year, I filled up only when it was absolutely necessary or I would run out, and it was pretty stressful. I still remember driving down the interstate one day absolutely convinced that I was going to run out of gas before the next gas station presented itself.

5. Make friends with people who live on campus

This shouldn’t be hard as most people choose to live on or near campus, but having someone with access to an actual clean microwave and fridge is great. It is also great to have somewhere to take a nap or just refresh in the middle of the day. Plus having friends on campus in general is helpful and will help keep you sane through your years in university.

6. Bring your lunch

Food in general is expensive, but food on a college campus is even more expensive, and usually not very good. Now if you want to treat yourself every once in a while that completely fine, but constantly having to eat out because your house is 40 minutes away gets pricey. I try to bring my lunch everyday, and I do so in the most random pink lunch bag that has various cats on it. Having a snack and a bottle of water at the very least will be so helpful when you’re hungry and have no time to go buy something.

I hope these tips are helpful, and get you through your life as a commuter student.