5 Feels You Might Have Headed Into Spring Semester


It's finally time to link up with on-campus friends again! Winter break was much needed, but nothing compares to the fun nights you have with your roomies during the semester. 

2. Wait, I wasn't ready!

No matter how long the break was... sometimes it just feels like it wasn't enough. It seems like you didn't even have time to prepare at all then boom, syllabus week is here. 

3. Where's that building again...?

Were we really gone that long? After a rough semester and a month away, you might be a little confused when you first get back. Don't worry, it won't take long for everything to hit you again. 

4. Is it spring break yet?

What more to look forward to during spring semester than spring break?  

5. Operation: Summer Body Activated

With spring semester starting that means you have about four months to get yourself together for a summer full of fun. It might even be your new year's resolution. Tell yourself it's time to go hard before you go home!