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We Are Her Campus: Sara Kirkpatrick

Name: Sara Kirkpatrick

Year: Junior

Degree Sought: Journalism and Environmental and Natural Resources

Hometown: Laramie, WY



This pumpkin made me so happy.


Her Campus: Why did you decide to attend school at UW?

Sara Kirkpatrick: Being from Laramie I knew I would save a lot of money going here. I was worried at first because I thought it would be ‘just like high school.’ College is nothing like high school, but in a good way. So now I’m glad I decided to stay.


HC: Why did you choose your degree?

SK: In highschool I had an amazing English and Journalism teacher so I always knew I wanted to write. Then I learned about the Haub school, which has amazing degree programs, and decided I wanted to specialize in environmental journalism.


HC: What is your dream job?

SK: Freelance writer, preferable focused on environmental publications. Traveling the world, writing stories, eating delicious food.


Dancing my way through West Virginia

HC: What are some of your hobbies?

SK: I enjoy reading, running, and traveling. My favorite city is New Orleans, I’m an avid coffee drinker, and I love to laugh.  


HC: What is your favorite class/professor at UW?

SK: Currently Ecology of Knowledge with Frieda Knobloch. Frieda teaches with the American Studies department and the class is looking at how we define knowledge and learning. She also taught my Environment and Society Class my freshman year and she’s one of my favorite professors. She always picks the best books for her classes and leads amazing discussions.


HC: What advice would you give to freshmen?

SK: In high school I told myself I would date in college. I got to college and decided boys are a waste of time. Wait until you 25. For now live your life, read good books, make pancakes for your roommate on Sunday and don’t worry about dating.  


HC: Why did you join Her Campus?

SK: I joined HerCampus because I love to write, and this was a place where I could do just that.


HC: What is your favorite article/event/memory from HC?

SK: The first article I ever published will always be my favorite, The Six People You’ll Meet your First Semester of College.

HC: Why would you encourage someone else to write for HC?

SK: HC is not only a place for me to write, it’s become such a wonderful support system for me. I actually look forward to Monday afternoons because I get to go hang out with amazing women. We laugh about weekend adventures, complain about school, and bond over our love of writing.  


HC: What are you most looking forward to moving forward in HC?

SK: I’m so sad I will be gone next year for an exchange, but you may be hearing from me while I’m away.  I still look forward to seeing the exceptional work this group will continue to publish. As we expand we get the chance to hear even more voices from women across campus!

Kaitlyn is a recent grad the University of Wyoming, where she got her degree in Marketing. She has been the Campus Correspondent for a Pink level chapter, a Chapter Advisor to some amazing chapters, and now has the pleasure of being a Region Leader. Born and raised on the Western Slope of Colorado, her love for nature and the outdoors comes naturally. Kaitlyn lives for football season, but finds way to stay preoccupied during the off-season. She enjoys long walks in the mountains, beer as cold as her heart, and bacon on her burgers. You can follow Kaitlyn’s adventures on Instagram, @kaysoup.
Sara is a junior double majoring in Journalism and Enviromental and Natural Resources. She was born in Northern Kentucky but has lived in Laramie for 10 years now. She has a communications internship with the Wyoming EPSCoR program and writes for their blog. She also works as a lifegaurd and swim instructor at the local recreation center. To balance out her busy life Sara loves to read, do yoga, and plan her adventures abroad. She enjoys the small things that make life wonderful including rain, green grass, and coffee. One day she hopes to live in Seattle, write for an environmental publication, and travel the world to cover her stories.
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