Until Next Time, Summer

I looked in the mirror today and noticed that my tan lines were already fading. It may sound silly, but I spent a good majority of my school free months outside in the sun working on those, so I am a little upset. Summer is by far my favorite season. Nothing compares to swimming in the lake, hiking through the mountains, and relaxing in my hammock.

Summertime elicits a sense of freedom in almost everyone. You have more hours in the day to tackle your “to-do” list and can still end your evening with mini-golf and ice cream. It is truly the season of getting stuff done and relaxing all at once.

Summer is when you can see your parents out of their element. Have you ever seen your dad water ski? I have… well kinda. He was up for about 5 seconds before crashing epically, but it was enjoyable all the same. What about your mom who isn’t much of a swimmer? Well she didn’t water ski, but she rode in the tube behind the boat (that’s a big deal for her).

Summer is a season where it doesn’t really matter if you spent your entire day doing absolutely nothing. There were many days where my sister and I would just sit on the couch binging Netflix or we would lay out on the deck to catch those precious rays of sun. Our dad never failed to tell us we were wasting our summer vacation by doing nothing, but to us that’s a key to a successful summer.

I am not ready for summer to end, that’s for sure. Cold weather is not my friend. I’ll miss my tan lines and the warm memories. The one good thing about summer ending is the fact that “spooky season” is now upon us. So, until next time summer!

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